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:D :D :D :D


What a clever idea!


I hope the dad is OK -- I may have missed it, but did they say why he was in the hospital? I hope it's nothing serious, because it's very clear that he is a much beloved member of that family.


I wondered too and found that he's okay.


"Days before the August wedding, Shoop's father, George, 59, came down with a case of acute cellulitis, a skin infection on his lower leg caused by a bacterial infection, which required him to be hospitalized. Despite their best efforts, doctors could not get his dad's condition under control to release him in time to travel from Redding, Pa., to Cincinnati, Ohio, for the wedding that weekend.

"Obviously, it was a pretty devastating thing to have to miss," Brian Shoop said, adding that he was determined to incorporate his dad into the ceremony. The family positioned a laptop near the altar and used Skype so George Shoop could watch the couple exchange vows from his bed at Reading Hospital.

George Shoop went on to make a full recovery and when the professional wedding photos came back this fall, Shoop said his sister came up with the idea to put together an offbeat album for their dad as a Christmas gift."

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