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Looking for a soft dress-up doll...

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I am looking for a soft doll (no plastic) for my soon-to-be three year old, with some outfits. I really like the HABA dolls, but she can't dress and undress them herself, so maybe something slightly bigger with looser fitting clothes. I've tried googling, but it's really hard to find a doll without a plastic head.


Any ideas?



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Baby Stella by Manhattan Toy. Available in many independent toy stores and on Amazon and from lots of other online retailers.


Both of my girls received these when they turned three. My 6 year still plays with hers, and my 8 year old only recently gave hers away.


The quality is lovely, they are sweet and cuddly. They have a heft to them, too. Not a "stuffed doll" feeling.


Highly recommend!

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My DD loved her Dressy Daisy doll. This was the only new one I could find but there are lots of much cheaper ones that seem like new on ebay with many accessories. She comes in African American, white with blonde hair, or white with brown hair. Our Daisy is about 2yrs old and looks like new because she is easily washed. The different thing about her is that it is super easy for the littles to change her clothes all by themselves.

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