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What, exactly, is "stew beef," and what can I substitute?

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Yes, other cuts of meat work fine in stew. "Stew meat" is often tough cuts of meat or odds and ends from trimming other cuts (though it's perfectly good meat--extended cooking in the soup makes the tougher bits nice and tender). It's cut up into bite-sized chunks and sold as "stew meat", usually for less $$ than other cuts. But you can cut up pretty much any cut of meat into chunks and use it in stew.

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It's just for a soup recipe. The meat will be browned and then cook in the soup for a few hours.


London broil is on sale. Can I use that? I don't want to buy a package of already cut "stew beef" at the store. Surely I can cut it myself and it will cost less.


Thank you!


At Sam's and Kroger, the stew beef is the scraps of other cuts. It is a mixture of very nice, lean cuts and chuck roasts, etc. Use whatever is on sale and adjust simmering time accordingly.

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