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Transverse Baby

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Has anyone had success (or at least did the baby eventually swim downstream) with any of the techniques for turning babies? I'm making a chiropractic appointment to get Webster, and my husband is doing moxibustion on me (his dad is an acupuncturist). I will stand on my head if I must, but it makes me feel as if I'm suffocating. :glare:


ETA: I'd love to hear both from the "I did this and the baby turned" and the "I did this and it never turned" camp.

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My midwife had me doing some exercises there at the end. I carried a 9 pound baby in a small frame who was turned the wrong way on his 'due date' but managed to right himself before I went into natural labor 5 days after that. I don't know if the exercises helped, or if I just got lucky.


I'm sorry I can't remember the exercises, but they do exist and I'm sure someone here will know.

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I had clothes pins on my toes, inverted on an ironing board, put frozen peas on top of my belly and music playing at the bottom, hands and knees, squats, etc to no avail while pg with my third. He was kneeling breech at 36 weeks and I had anterior placenta so I could not get a version, though I tried applying gentle pressure to encourage him to turn. I had the Webster done at 37 wks along with an adjustment and immediately afterwards he was super squirmy and jiggly- more than he'd been in weeks, he flipped to head down within 3 hours of the treatment! He stayed that way and was born naturally at 41 weeks.

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