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Sports through public school?

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Anyone have experience with doing extracurricular sports through a local public high school? How were your dc treated? We are considering this for our oldest ds13 next year. Dh is wondering what experiences other homeschoolers have had--positive and negative. We are in AZ so if you have had experience there, that would be helpful too!

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My kids have done well playing on the public school teams. My daughter in 8th grade plays soccer and my son who is in 9th grade plays baseball. They have played in the rec leagues in our small town their whole lives so they have been playing with many of their team mates for years. This also means we know the parents of many of the players. I will warn you that it does expose your kids to the realities of life such as swearing, alcohol on the bus, etc. but if your kids have a solid foundation and you are there to support them they will be able to navigate through it. Playing on the school teams has enabled us to have many conversations about the things that go on out in the real world and how to navigate through it that I would prefer to have with them while they are still under my roof. For us it has been over all a good experience.

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Well if you want to consider cheerleading a sport. Yes, we've done this through our public school. My daughter wanted to do soccer but she broke her ankle so that was out.

Anyways our public school system here , how can I say it nicely, blows.

My daughter did enjoy cheerleading but there was no consideration that she was homeschooled. If the coach canceled a practice we had no idea that they did it because they would announce the stuff over the intercom at the school. We had a few times where we went and no one was there. Or the schedule we had said they were cheering in a game and the coach at the last minute decided that she wanted them to practice instead of attending a game. The coach was not a very nice person anyways and she didn't care. Said it was up to my daughter to figure it out.


But then our school district doesn't like homeschoolers anyways, and they let you know it. My daughter was quizzed by her friends about why she was doing activities there and couldn't go there like they were. It annoyed my daughter to no end.


So I would first check out the school before going ahead and doing it. Talk with other homeschooling parents who have children playing sports there before sending. Make sure the coaches are good ones. Sometimes the adults can actually be worse than the kids ( I've seen it with my two eyes).


It can be a good experience, IF you live in a school district that is cooperative with you and is a good school to begin with.

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Hmmm....I was under the impression that hsers are not allowed to play on the public school teams in our town due to ______ rules. That's our county sports organization for the high schools. Some of the towns are not part of this, but ours is. I think I should find out more, as both my boys are big into sports and older ds is seriously considering going to high school, in part due to sports.


I edited out the name of the organization so I don't pinpoint my locale quite so much.

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Yes, depends on the state. In PA homeschoolers are allowed to participate in ps offerings. Doesn't mean the ps likes it though.


Experiences will depend on the type of school district you live in, if there are lots of homeschoolers participating to begin with, and the adults that coach whatever sport your child is involved in.


The only way you'll know is by going and being a presence there.

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