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Help me with a "shopping list"


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I was given some money that I plan to use to for homeschool supplies/furniture etc. I'm so excited, but I want to spend it wisely. So I'm starting my "wish list". Some things on there are books (of course), desks, charts, storage items.......


I need some "must haves", or "I couldn't live withouts" to get me inspired. I also would love ideas for where to shop. I know Ikea is a good place for furniture and storage. What else??


I've been browsing pictures of school rooms to get me going, but I'd love some more thoughts.


and by the way, it's not an exhorbitant amount of money, just a nice amount to purchase a few quality items. :)

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LARGE magnetized WHITEBOARD....my husband works for a company that builds offices for companies and his company was tossing a huge white board on wheels because it had a few scratches on them. Well we have it now and it is used for so many things. Kids draw on them. We use AAS tiles on them. Anything magnetic. I post our schedule on it. I write lessons on it. I use it to block other kids from getting distracted. I post notes on it with magnets. We have played magnetic tic tac toe. I use it to block our messes (where the computers are with desks piled with paper) when we have company. My kids have thrown suction darts at it. My kids have shot nerf guns to it.


You need computer and printer. Definitely need cardstock.

Page protectors. Binders, lots of pencils, crayons, markers, hole punchers, staplers, ink refiller, shelves and bins, shelves and more shelves. filing cabinet. Mini trampoline (we use an old crib mattress). Kids jump on that when they need a quick break or some PE time. They lay on it while reading. They lay it on the side to make a fort. They place it under a table to have a small reading nook. And of course more shelves.


A dictionary and thesaurus set.

Library card.

Shop at Target and Walmart.

For desks we have used those little folding tables used for eating in front of the TV. They fold up and you can put them away when not in use. For more permanent of course-just regular tables. You know dining room table so everything can be spread out.

Fishing tackles for the little stuff like dice, flashcards etc.

Is this what you wanted?

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I second the large magnetized dry erase board. I bought my 2 (2x3) at Target for around $18 each.

A good adjustable table and chairs. Lakeshore is the only place I can think of to look, outside of IKEA.

LOTS and LOTS of 24lb. printer paper for printing and drawing on.

Quality art supplies. Stockmar Block crayons, Lyra Colored pencils... This is my favorite place (and the prices are good.) http://waldorfsupplies.com/#cat

DickBlick also carries the Lyra's but not in as many colors.

A Laminator and film


That's all that comes to mind off the bat. I bet I will have some "oh, yeah, that too" moements as this thread grows.

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I have a small and med size magnetic whiteboard. Love them! Wish I had the money and space for a large one. Also, they make whiteboard markers w/magnetic caps and magnetic erasers so you can store them on the board. :D Good addition to your magnetic whiteboard.


When we first started homeschooling in preschool, I bought many things in traditional child-friendly colors. As my student gets older, I find myself getting rid of the blue and red stuff for metal or wicker - things that look nice in the house. ;)


If you have extra, I would see about quality maps, globe and/or microscope.


I love desk organizers w/vertical dividers. :D


Rolling folding cart for library visits and used book sales.


Extra 3-ring binders, folders, page dividers, etc. I like to have an assortment on hand for when we need to add another notebook or divider to our school papers in the middle of a lesson.


I love the lined paper that comes with the 'hole punched side' already reinforced. I try to buy extra whenever I find it.


Nice reference books.

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Be patient with your $$ and wait for the good deals. Look at Craig's List and the thrift store and you will find the stuff you want.


However I would buy new white boards (the smaller size ones) because they tend to be too scratched up used. And the expo markers to go with them.


Have fun. Ikea is great - shop their as is department first.

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Another vote for white boards. I have one in my kitchen and one that can come out for All About Spelling.


Really put a lot of thought into desks before buying them; will you really use them? I did buy desks when we first started home schooling. :001_huh: We are much happier at the dining room table. I find it is easier to teach multiple children in a circle at a table or on the couch.


Globe & wall maps of both the world and USA.




Storage containers for science supplies.


I think that is all I actually use outside of pens, papers, pencils, paints, scissors, and all of the books that we do buy for reading (re-reading, reference, etc.).

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Yes we have a few nice wicker basket storage units.


Yes if you want your living room to not look like a playroom I would definitely get those wicker basket storage unit stuff.


Take your time to shop. No rush needed.


Also we have these writing lap boards they have cushion underneath so kids can write while sitting on couch or on bed but for our case we have they put the boards on the floor and they write on the floor. I learned my lesson with my older kids when I had them work at desks and chairs --the chairs slid, the pencils dropped, the kid fell off the chair, the tables shook, chairs ran over their toes and fingers, chair rocking, table rocking...you name it...it happened. Basically anything to get out of school work. So.....I just eliminated desks and chairs and they do everything on the floor with papers on the portable writing boards sold at Michaels. We do occasionally lose a pencil but it is because someone is sitting on it. One of my pet peeves is kids dropping their pencils and they are leaning over picking it up and their heads look like it will hit the ground. Drives me crazy.

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