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  1. I have used the Apologia Elementary series for the past 6 years for grades 2 - 6. We are young earth Christians and it has worked well. We also both happen to have science degrees and have liked its level of coverage and introduction to science in the elementary years. The only thing I have ever mixed in with it at times is a few months of daily experiments on a topic or living science history books to read for fun. The Apologia Elementary though has worked well. I have bought the lab kits and notebooks from Christian books to have things on hand. We have used the Astronomy, Swimming
  2. When I was at the point you are at I used the Saxon placement test to find out if he was ready for Pre-Algebra. He was so he did Pre-Algebra this year for 7th and did well. I am using the IOWA Algebra Aptitude this month to make sure he is fully Algebra ready. I think he is, but I thought it would be helpful to go through an Algebra readiness test. If he passes I'm planning on Algebra for 8th. The Saxon placement helped immensely. He had done some Singapore, MUS, Saxon BJU, and R&S for grades 1-6. The Saxon placement helped me gain an understanding of where he was really at wi
  3. I think it depends on the child. My oldest, avid reader, read all of the BF Intermediate books and core D readers the winter he was 10 1/2. It took him around 3 months. He though is my fast reader, who loves history, and remembers and talks about what he reads unprompted. The read aloud books for core D do have some titles I let him read and many that needed to be read aloud and discussion; I didn't use all of them. I would save the Hakim for later. On the other hand, my current 9 & 11 year olds still love to be read aloud to for history and wouldn't enjoy that much indepe
  4. The written narrations in WWS 1 are review of previously learned skills. The book then goes into new skills around week 4 or 5 with longer written narrations, outlining, etc. She sounds really young for WWS 1 and not quite ready for it. I would try some samples from Writing With Ease 3 & 4 off line to get an idea of where she is at and could work best at. When kids are well placed you should see growth without a struggle. The recommendations changed for WWS 1 from anywhere between 5th and 9th. I would back up to WWE 3 or 4 and build her narration skills. They take time.
  5. I really liked, and my kids liked, the Sonlight DVD / lab kit / Usborne experiment book at that age. I ended up not using their worksheets or all of their books for science for that age. Many of the science books though they did like. The DVD shows the experiments, which makes it easy to get done. The Usborne books gave the lab directions written. The lab kit includes essentially everything needed for the experiments. My kids loved the hands on, reading aloud, and learned a lot. I really liked it for early elementary. At that age the more hands on science the better for
  6. The science is intertwined as part of the unit study in MFWK, ADV, ECC, & CTG. I believe that unit study theme continues. We did though swap the science, so yes it can be done. When I did MFW1 I was finishing Sonlight Core A & B science. With Adventures I used Apologia Astronomy. With ECC I used Apologia Land Animals which includes world mapping and was a fabulous combination! It is very easy to pull the history and Bible out if it is what you prefer.
  7. My Father's World is a history / science / literature unit study. The language arts assignments though are from separate recommended materials. I have not used FAIR, but many moms who use MFW started with FAIR. They do go for a fun appeal with hands on activities. You might like it.
  8. Rod and Staff is a very solid grammar program, and I have been very pleased with it. All 3 of mine started grade 2 R&S English in 2nd grade. They really know what a complete sentence is and how to structure a paragraph from R&S composition lessons. They also have had the benefits in their writing from years of doing diagramming. I highly recommend it. I am currently using WWE and WWS with Rod and Staff. My children love Susan's program, and it contains all of the elements of composition and literature study that I am wanting in their education. The two together are a fa
  9. Elliot Neff is a Master Chess Player. He happened to be home schooled and started a chess school. I think there are some on-line options. These DVDs though are excellent and taught my children to play chess beyond my level. We went to their competitions, without classes, from these DVDs and my kids did well: Elliott's Chess School on DVD, Chess Training Volumes 1-4 Here is their academy web-site that I think has some online options. It says play online at the top: Chess for Kids | Chess Academy - Chess4Life
  10. How did he do on the placement test? Did he almost pass out of 8/7? If he had 70% on the placement to almost pass out of 8/7, for example, then 30% of the book is what he does not know and 70% is what he does know. You might want to look at the table of contents to see what he needs from 8/7, based on what he didn't know on the placement test, and focus on those parts. He may not need the entire book. If though he only scored 30% on the placement test to go out of 8/7 I would do the whole book. If they can score 80% or higher in 8/7 on the tests and assignments the Saxon web-site say
  11. Christian Books sells great supply kits for Apologia labs. We have used them for some of General and the Elementary series. They put the supplies in labeled lesson / Module bags. It helps so much to have it all right there, and then the labs get done. My son did the labs for General Apologia on his own. The lab write ups I helped a little bit with, but not much. The notebook was helpful.
  12. Hi Katrina! I thought this link might help you. Susan re-did the grade recommendations. One of the writing plans lists WWS 1 for 8th, and a second writing plan lists WWS 2 for 8th. http://downloads.peacehillpress.com/samples/pdf/WWEandWWSexplanation.pdf I had my son do one lesson last spring of WWS1 to make sure he was placed correctly and he loved it! It looks very solid for composition. He just turned 13 and will be in 7th grade. I know MFW is stretching WWS1 over 7th and 8th grade. I think your son will be fine.

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