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What do You Do when You're Feeling "Ookie"

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So what do you do when you're not super sick but you just feel "ookie". (Dh, an RN, hates this description of my symptoms:D) Ds14 was sick yesterday. In the middle of our lunch out at a restaurant, he started shivering and was feverish. He slept most of the rest of the day and took it easy with computer games and now feels fine. I slept poorly last night and this morning I feel draggy, have a bit of a sore throat and feel just not quite right. I also feel really hot, even though the thermometer says that I don't have a fever. I'm used to powering through my chronic stuff. In the past, I've tried powering through this sort of stuff but then got really sick. I've taken Emergen-C. Do I have permission to ignore the housework etc. (which really needs attending to)? Should I try powering through but on a lower setting? (What I really want to do is to go to bed again with my book but it seems so irresponsible.)

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I declare movie and play day! Then I go to bed with a book. Or climb in a bubble bath. I think those breaks have saved me from being very sick a time or two. Take a rest and don't feel guilty! Hope you feel better soon!

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I go to bed and read or work. I tried to fight off something a few weeks ago. After three days I was done, ended up really sick for four more days. Next time I'm going to just power down for a few days, my body seems to recover faster if I stop fighting.


This time I ended up playing Angry Birds for a few days. Very productive. :tongue_smilie:

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Go to bed with your book.


A day in bed now means not having a week in bed later. :D


:iagree: Follow Imp's advice. She's most wise. :001_smile:


Oh, and Jean, I call it 'floopie', not 'ookie'. Floopie pronounced "flew-pee". I *think* I got the word from Phoebe on Friends. It's been YEARS since I watched that show (or, uh, any other show, for that matter), but I STILL have some of their sayings stuck in my head.

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