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GF, dairy free dessert help

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Can you please suggest come gluten free, dairy free desserts that are not fruit :D Possum is staying on a restricted diet for the time being, he eats LOADS of fruit now and i'd like some alternative ideas for dessert or snacks. He's so envious of the other kids munching on a biscuit or having an ice-cream. Links or recipes would be great, thanks :001_smile:

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Sorbet is GF/Dairy free I think -you can buy that at Coles or Woolies.


There are plenty of cookie recipies around that are GF/Dairy free that you can make.


What about Soy yoghurt (although I could never get my kids to eat the stuff).


My GF child likes jelly.


I recently came across yummy GF and I think dairy free Macaroons at Coles -they were in the bakery section.


Meringues are GF/dairy free. My DD likes the little coloured ones although that might be more sugar then you want.

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