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The Teachers Lodge 11-15-2011

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Hello, hello!


Welcome to Tuesday!


Anyone feeling older than they really are this morning? ME! I've been having issues with my right hip lately and I'm only 42!:glare:


Maybe I'll go be an invalid today and lose myself in the fun readings on my NOOK. ;)


What's for breakfast/lunch today? Here: how should I know that when it's WAY too early for me to be awake anyway??:001_huh::D


Going anywhere today? What was planned: Bible study this morning, voice lessons and an audition for dd this afternoon. What may actually happen: just staying home.:tongue_smilie:


Anyone else have sick kiddos this week? My dd's cold (on the two week mark today) has progressed to her sinuses and shows no signs of stopping any time soon. :001_huh:


Talk to me!

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Good Morning.

42 is a terrific age. I loved being 42 so much that I've decided to stay here for a few years. :) After my first two cups of coffee, I don't feel older than I usually do. No time for that.


Today I'm making a bento box for my youngest for her lunch. There will be bunny shaped boiled eggs, rice shaped like hearts, stars, and other cute stuff, plus something else that I haven't decided yet.

My breakfast this morning will be yogurt with flax and berries. My lunch will be leftover meatloaf.


Going? Dropping off little one at her enrichment school and picking her up. Older is going to pottery tonight with dh. I think that is plenty for a day including work and school.


No sickness are allowed in my house for a few weeks. I've banned them.


Enjoy your Nook. I love my Kindle.

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I'll be making pancakes for breakfast.


I'm giving my kids free time until about 9:30. They're playing Tron on the Wii. School ran until 5pm last night, so I need to start a little earlier. :glare: It was like a homeschooling all-nighter.


Going somewhere...we have girl scouts this afternoon.


Sickness...hmmm, I've been battling hives/allergic reactions for a couple of months. I was in the ER last week because my eye swelled shut. I'm not even sure what it is I'm allergic to. Yikes!


I feel like such a weirdo. :tongue_smilie:

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Welcome to Tuesday!


Anyone feeling older than they really are this morning? I'm feeling very tired this morning, despite having gone to sleep an hour and a half early last night. I don't feel sick, just exhausted. It's probably stress-related. I am babysitting an extra child this week, plus I'm starting to stress over Thanksgiving. My in-laws will arrive on Monday of next week.


What's for breakfast/lunch today? Breakfast was pumpkin pancakes and bacon for the kids (leftovers from last night's dinner). I had an egg roll (leftovers from dh) and some almonds. Strange combination, I know! Lunch will probably be "piggies in a blanket," kiwi fruit, and apples.


Going anywhere today? We are finishing packaging about 300 bags of cookies for a church ministry. Once we get them all packaged, we will have to drop them off at church. I need to go to the bank and get gas while we're in town. This afternoon, dd14 has dance from 4-6. DS and dh have scouts from 7-8:30. DD14 has an Honor Society meeting from 6:30-9 pm (in another town). Dinner will be eaten somewhere in between. And after all that, I have to go in to work tonight. Getting such a late start (10pm) will mean it's going to be a late night. Considering how tired I am already, that doesn't bode well for tomorrow!


Anyone else have sick kiddos this week? Sorry to hear that your dd is still sick. It sounds like she may have a sinus infection.

Knock on wood, everyone is healthy here. I am loading them up with Emergen-C and airborne. I cannot handle having my in-laws here for Thanksgiving if we are sick! :tongue_smilie:

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Anyone feeling older than they really are this morning? Yes. But having my kid wake me up at 5:16 a.m. because he's using his heels to play bass drum on the bathroom tile probably has something to do with that.


What's for breakfast/lunch today? Breakfast was oatmeal for the kids and a hard-boiled egg for me. I haven't decided lunch yet. I have to eat WAY early so I can...


Going anywhere today? ... take DD on her field trip. DH is staying home with DS while I do that. DS is supposed to have swim today because it's Tuesday, but when he was up at 5:15 a.m. and woke me up and then continued to make noise (despite repeated admonishments to BE QUIET) until 6:45 a.m., I told him he might not be going anywhere. We've already gone for the allergy shot, and DD has her violin lesson after school.


Anyone else have sick kiddos this week? DS claimed he wasn't feeling well yesterday. He had a headache and sinus pressure in his ears. However, he's fine today. The magic of a good HEPA filter is not to be discounted.

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Anyone feeling older than they really are this morning? :seeya: Hello that would be me. Walking like a little old lady.


Maybe I'll go be an invalid today and lose myself in the fun readings on my NOOK. Sounds good to me


What's for breakfast/lunch today? Here: how should I know that when it's WAY too early for me to be awake anyway??

Breakfast was yogurt & coffee

Lunch -- not sure but I am hungry


Going anywhere today? I hope not, it is rainy and cool. Good day for staying in ;)


Anyone else have sick kiddos this week? Nobody's sick but they sure are grumpy. :glare:

I really need to go find some food. My stomach is growling :tongue_smilie:

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Our breakfast is winding up to be a choice between mini muffins or gingerbread spiced loaf.

Lunch is TBD.


My coffee is almost done brewing! Yay! I still have an old-fashioned coffee pot but since hubby rarely drinks it at home lately, preferring to get it out of the Keurig at his office, I'm tempted to ask for one of THOSE for Christmas! :D Oh, but wait, I have my NOOK already . . . hmmm. We'll see!


I did skip Bible study and the only place I WILL be going is to the chiropractor.


Sarah, you sound busy!


Jenn, yep, I'm plying her with Airborne, vitamins, tea, etc. It JUST hit her sinuses within the last 48 hours. Before that it was a dry cough.


Starrbuck, we welcome weirdos. :D Sorry, you're having a rough time of it.

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Good morning!


42 is but a distant memory for me. . . OK - maybe not that distant but still a memory;) Amazingly I'm not feeling quite as old as usual today. This is especially a miracle since I did cardio kickboxing last night.


Breakfast - pancakes and eggs


Lunch - salad with protein


Going anywhere - nope, not until Zumba tonight.


Sick kiddos - fortunately not.

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Breakfast was get what you can. Most ate toast and apple juice. My dh had his usual bowl of granola. I drank some water. Saving calories for lunch.


Lunch--Souplantation! I'm treating my girls and me to lunch out and than we are going to the library for the afternoon! I'm super excited.


I'm not feeling too hot, but not sure if it's a cold or a sinus infection. I have chronic sinus infections, so I'm 95% sure it's an infection.


I've had a serious case of not wanting to do school this week! yesterdays science experiment didn't work out well. I wanted dh to help with it, but he worked late. So we can't move on to the next thing until we figure out that step. Blah.

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Hmm, not feeling too old this morning. I am having trouble getting myself under motion.


Breakfast - Kids are having corn muffins. Ds11 has taken over making breakfast and thus upgraded himself and his siblings from cold cereal to hot breakfasts daily. For me, I haven't decided yet. I'm still on my first cup of coffee.


Lunch - sandwiches probably but it depends on the timing


Going anywhere: My older boys have volunteered to go help with receiving and setting up new heavy mats and equipment at their Tae Kwon Do school, which has expanded to double size but not yet set up the new space. They will be adding Crossfit, which I am seriously considering joining. The stuff is supposed to arrive between 11 and noon.


At some point today, I hope to run with middle son, and I will go to the gym to swim this evening while everyone is at activities.


Sick kiddos: Oldest has a cold, but isn't too sick for school and volunteer work.

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And middle dd (oldest one still home) is so sore she can barely move. She probably cracked her sternum at regional gymnastics 3.5 weeks ago and still did State and is now on to the next sport: swimming. The coach just isn't getting it. She can't raise her arms!


Have you taken her to the doctor? I don't advise leaving that unchecked!

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Here's a copy and paste of my recent FB status update....it should tell you what kind of day I've had...


Today, I'm thankful for....the spare key (used when I locked myself out of the house with 6 kids this afternoon); the laughter of children (even if a certain 4 year old wet her pants because she was laughing so hard); removable car seat covers (now you know where my 4 year old was when she laughed that hard!); Excedrin Migraine that kicked in before I developed a full-fledged migraine; for the 3 different cartons of ice cream in the freezer (to melt away the stress of a busy day) and last, but not not least...I'm thankful that tomorrow will be a new day (with new things to be thankful for!).

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