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Benches/Banquets for Dining Room Tables

Benches & Banquets  

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Anyone BTDT, and have insight for me?


I'm in the market for a new dining room table. I've always had, will always love and ever prefer: round tables. But I'm filling a space that will be better served by a rectangle table.


A bench would look and fit great, but I don't know about the day-to-day logistics of it (versus separate chairs for everyone). A banquet is another option.


Do the kids like the bench? Dislike it? Indifferent to it?


What about adults - I'd end up on the bench side sometimes, and wonder about the backless experience LOL.


Is it easy enough to get in/out and walk behind w/o moving the entire bench (as opposed to people in individual chairs scootching to allow someone to pass behind)?


Would an upholstered banquet be really stupid with six kids?


Is a bench good for squeezing in unexpected, last-minute little guests? My kids are always inviting people to stay, and seating can sometimes be an issue. I'm wondering if a bench could help.



She Who Overthinks Every Purchase

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I'm interested in replies as well. Our big table died and we've been using our smaller one...which only fits the kids. So, some time in our future, I see a table purchase. I keep thinking about those benches. We have limited space and also need a rectangle set up.


I keep thinking...you can fit more little behinds on the benches when necessary. But, as those little behinds get bigger, what will they think? Because, we're not going to be replacing things for a long long time, ideally. ;)


But then I also look at those higher tables and swoon. Then worry about littles sitting well in them and all that.


So, yeah, I share your dining table/seating dilemma :p

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Or is this a formal dining room? If you have both a kitchen table and a dining table and you are talking about the kitchen it would be "okay" though I wouldn't want it. If this is the ONLY table you have (whether in an eat-in kitchen or in a dining room) I would say no way.

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We used to have one, and it was fine. It's now the table that is used for school, and I still think the bench is fine. It's easy enough to get in and out.


Of course, my legs aren't super long, so I guess I don't typically lean back in chairs, so the lack of back was fine.

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