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Pray For Me...

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I totally broke one of the important parenting rules... I got sick. Not a cold, which while miserable, is totally something that can be worked around. No, I had to go and catch the stomach flu :glare:. Good news: I'm on the "getting better" side of things - but I'm still dehydrated and weak as a newborn kitten. DH has been great helping with the kids, but he has school today that he really can't miss. I have no family close enough to help, and my one amazing friend absolutely can't get work off today. I've already accepted the fact that we'll just be watching a lot of movies today, but I get so exhausted and shaky just walking the 5 feet from bathroom to couch that I'm really, really nervous about things that are going to require a bit of effort - carrying the baby, pouring DS1 a glass of milk, etc.


So yeah... I would just appreciate any/all prayers and best wishes that the kids and I make it through this day alive and without serious injury.

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