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Anyone live in PA, Upper NY, Canada to help with vacation info??

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We are planning a trip to Ohio (Akron area) to visit family then from there off for a few days. We were thinking of Hershey/Lancaster PA area, but we've driven through NY to Canada (eh!) from Ohio before. However, that was before kids! We will be driving home to Charlotte, NC.


What do you think? I may not get any replies because it seems like an unusual question. I'm just wondering about the distance to drive and how feasible it is.


If you have any suggestions, let me know. Thanks. Sheryl <><

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I'm not sure I totally understand your route. Would you be in Ohio and going through NY to Ontario, then back down through NY to NC?


In Western NY there's always Niagara Falls. If you went up to Ontario there, drove through to the Ogdensburg border crossing back into NY you could then go through the Adirondacks.


At Tupper Lake there's a brand new museum that's really nice. If you headed over to Lake Placid there's a bunch of fun shopping, restaurants, olympic sites, etc., to see. You can drive up to Whiteface mountain and then take an elevator after you walk through a tunnel) to the very top to picnic and hike back down - it's spectacular.


Then you can cut over to 87 - the northway - and drive back down south. You'd go through Saratoga - where there's the track, Saratoga Performing Arts Center, lots of cute shops and restaurants, and a battlefield from the revolutionary war.


You'd go near Albany, NY - the capitol - where there's another good museum - and then south to Pennsylvania.


That would all be a looooong drive!


From the Ohio/NY border you could probably do Niagara Falls or the Buffalo Zoo and the drive through Ontario in one day. Then you'd spend at least a day in the Adirondacks if you wanted to see anything. From Albany to Philadelphia is about 6.5 hours, I think.


This is all pretty general info....

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Thanks Jennifer!


Yes....We live in NC. Will be driving to Ohio to visit family. With gas prices the way they are here in the states, we thought we'd go ahead and drive east/north or some combination of that ~ PA, NY, Canada.


The last time we visited Canada was 10 years ago and we, once again, were in Ohio at a wedding and drove up to Ottawa, Montreal ~ BEAUTIFUL!


For the sake of the drive we may need to limit to PA area.


Thanks for your response. Did you live in eastern Canada at any time?


Sheryl <><

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I grew up in Schenectady, NY and still spend every summer at Sacandaga Reservoir, at the southern end of the Adirondacks. We've driven back to BC via the Ogdensburg border crossing twice, and I've been all over the Adirondacks.


I've never lived in eastern Canada, though, and don't know too much about what to do/see there.

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This is my neighborhood. It is beautiful and all the above info makes for a fun vacation but it is a long drive! We are rather partial to trips to Canada from the Ogdensberg Bridge Crossing. We crisscross the Adirondacks on a regular basis. If you have any specific questions I'll try and answer. Have a great trip!

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Frank Lloyd Wright's Martin House



Frank Lloyd Wright's greatest "Prairie House," the five-structure Darwin Martin House

Complex, designed and built 1903-1905 in the great city of Buffalo, New York.


Our Lady of Victory Basilica & National Shrine




Albright-Knox Art Gallery


The main event takes place behind the classical façade of the Albright-Knox Art Gallery. Here you’ll find one of the finest collections of modern and contemporary art anywhere in the world, what Thomas Hoving, former Director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York has called “an overwhelming art experience.†After you’ve had your fill of art, enjoy a refreshing repast at the Muse restaurant and the view of the always-striking sculpture garden. (from visitbuffaloniagara)


Erie Canal Cruise


Much remains the same on the Erie Canal today as it was in the 1800's. Hand-dug to connect the Hudson River with the Niagara River, the 363-mile Grand Old Erie Canal is truly a great engineering feat. Originally, 83 stone locks overcame the 571-foot difference in the level between the rivers. Enlarged in the early 1900's, now 35 locks allow larger vessels to travel across New York State.


Experience a unique 2-hour cruise which includes "locking through" and being raised the 49 ft. elevation of the Niagara Escarpment (the same one that creates Niagara Falls) in the only double set of locks on the Erie Canal. You will pass under bridges that raise straight up, see water cascade over Lockport's famous "Flight of Five" 1840's locks, and travel through the solid walls of the "rock cut" as your Coast Guard licensed captain describes the architecture, sights, and folklore along the way. (from their website



Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural Site



An Unexpected Inauguration that Changed the Nation


As president, Theodore Roosevelt created protections for ordinary citizens, began regulation of big business, and made the US a major force in international affairs. Yet one of the most important presidencies in America's history nearly didn't happen. See the place where a brief, emotional, and improvised ceremony in Buffalo, NY brought TR into office, and forever altered the nation. This is closed until Fall 2008...I don't know when your trip takes place. from their website


Niagara Falls



This is the New York side. I am a big proponent of visiting the NY side. It is a beautiful state park. From the I love NY website:


The granddaddy of New York waterfalls. In your quest to find the latest, hippest undiscovered getaway, you might be tempted to dismiss Niagara as an over-traveled tourist destination—and you would be wrong. Seventy years of Hollywood cliché have done nothing to diminish the stunning natural showpiece that is Niagara.


These days, the Canadian side of the falls garners a lot of the attention, beckoning with restaurants and tourist attractions galore, but the New York side offers a somewhat quieter option, rooted in the naturalistic tradition of landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted, who designed the magnificent park that surrounds and bridges the falls. The views from Luna Island and Terrapin Point are everything you’ve been told or imagined, and a ride on the Maid of the Mist or a descent to the Cave of the Winds will offer incredible vantages on what is one of the greatest natural wonders in North America.



And this is yum, yum, yummy Buffalo food:





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