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    Homeschooling for 22 years, eclectic variety of materials, 6dc ages 17 to 30
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    Upstate NY
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    reading, sewing, quilting, scrapbooking (not that I have time for much of these at the moment)
  1. I haven't been here in a long time. My life got turned upside down, but now we are moving forward. I am a single mom now, who must work full time. We moved (and have the nicest home we have ever lived in!). I have sole custody; there is no visitation arrangement. I have two teens still at home. Both have needed neurosurgeries; the younger just one, the older three. Their surgeon is 6 hours away. The younger missed one year of school, the older missed four. Now that both are doing significantly better, we are moving forward. I came back here today because I am looking for a couple sets of books for their education. I won't be able to keep up with anything on the forums because life is just too busy. And when I have spare time, we try to do fun things together. But I hope someone has the books we need. I'm glad y'all are still here. Grace and blessings,
  2. My youngest is now 13, but when he was 5, he was NOT ready to learn to read. At all. I scoured the internet, spent HOURS researching reading readiness activities (not early reading activities). He already knew the names of the letters, and we'd be getting to letter sounds when he was ready. I wanted something for in between. FINALLY, I discovered that mazes and dot-to-dots are good brain building activities to increase reading readiness. Life was a little crazy, so we didn't begin phonics (Writing Road to Reading) until the second half of first grade, and he was reading "easy readers" from the library before the school year was over. HTH!
  3. What I ended up doing was starting at the back door, our "back room" which is our primary entrance. That enters into the kitchen, so I did that next, then the pantry. The pantry is next to the stairs, so I went up, around through each room in order. I need to come back down the stairs and finish the last two rooms on the main floor. So my advice is start where you come in/out the most, and work room by room in order. HTH!
  4. My first thought was a Ronald McDonald House. There is one in Louisville: Ronald McDonald House in Louisville 550 South First Street Louisville, KY 40202 USA Phone: 502 561-7658 Fax: 502 581-0037 You'd have a room to sleep in and food. The RMH in Long Island, where we've stayed three times since Nov 2011, charges $25/night but won't turn you away if you cannot pay. HTH. :grouphug:
  5. One thing that will help cut ink usage is to print everything in "draft" mode. For the most part, and especially for the kids, you can't really tell the difference, and your ink will last much, much longer. HTH
  6. What age would you let your daughter see this movie? I've read a couple reviews and am on the fence. I realize I may still be on the fence after replies, but it's worth a shot. Thanks!
  7. Yeah, I didn't buy them for my little ones either. ;)
  8. My personal favorite is the Pentel Clic Eraser. It leaves little to no eraser residue stuff, and erases much more thoroughly than the little pink ones. You can buy refills, too.
  9. I hadn't been around in awhile, dealing with the medical needs of two of my children, so I just saw this, and read the most recent CB updates. It sounds like he's improving, and I'm so glad for all of you. I will be praying for your son's continued healing, and for your entire family.
  10. Thanks everyone! I like things "organized and tidy" too. And yes, the thought of everything going to one address does make me crazy! I wasn't sure how many to go with or how to organize them, and your post helps me a lot, Lucinda. Thank you.
  11. Praying for you here as well, that the truth will come out soon, and for you all to have peace during this great trial.
  12. How many email accounts do you have? If more than one, do they have a particular function? I have three email addresses. We started with one that was for both hubby and me. I got a second one when I started selling on eBay and have used it for everything associated with my personal online buying and selling (from other individuals, not companies). I started a third one when I got involved with Creative Memories. I no longer do that, and started using this one for things that didn't need to go in the other two -- mostly now all the emails related to Board of Directors, which I'm on, for my kids' homeschool soccer club. They have all become a mish-mash though, for the most part: all three of them get sales/marketing/advertising emails, and all three have ended up with personal email in them. I want to redo it all. Mostly because hubby moved out without warning over 2 months ago. He's vague with his plans but seems resolute in his decision and, I believe, intends to make this permanent. He has the pw to the first two accounts, and I can't find out to change them. They're with an old dial-up ISP company that seems to be fading, which is another reason to make the switch. I can't decide whether to go with one address or more, and if so how many. I'd like to hear what works for you. :bigear: Thanks!
  13. My *father*, who is past 80 now, has been buying and selling on eBay for 15 years!! It was on his recommendation that I joined eBay! His buying and selling helps finance their retirement. (Both my parents are amazingly computer literate for their generation!)
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