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  1. I have not posted here in forever and thought this would be a long shot.... My daughter's ballet studio is needing to build the growing Christmas tree for their Nutcracker. This is not painted on canvas but an actual tree shape. Are there any ballet moms out there that know where I can find plans to construct such a thing. I have googled and found nothing. Thanks! Heather
  2. The diaphram is what controls the amount of light coming through. Depending on what your specimen is you may want more/ less light. I like to have control on the amount of light.
  3. I have ours hanging on a garmet rack. I use the large rings and can flip them easily to whichever poster we are using. The rack rolls so we can slide it up against the wall when done.
  4. In the wainscotting section they have panels pre cut for 9$, they are 2x4. Link We have 2 on the wall.
  5. If it comes on to the apple screen, then it only needs to be reset. Those direction are at apple site as well.
  6. :lol::lol: That is funny, and one I had never really thought of.
  7. If your graduate work is relevant to the position list it.
  8. How about people who make up a new screen name to bash others.
  9. You can both have equal input. Take all the necessary precautions, and still make another human being. That's how I ended up with 11 yr old ds. Life happens, circumstances change, people change. That will have a rather large influence on the views of each party involved.
  10. Why is no one out playing?

  11. You got a visit by Myrtle!

  12. He had a show on TLC or the science channel, Pitchmen(?), my oldest loved to watch it.
  13. The Bennett we know was born in the town of Bennettsville, his brother Dalton, was born in Dalton.
  14. We know a Kinson, Fletcher, Zane, Keenan, Dalton, Benett, a few Mason's, and a Micah.
  15. that's cause you know where to find it!

  16. you causing trouble? :)


    you getting any help over here?

  17. There's Ft. Sumter, the USS Yorktown, aquarium, Magnolia Garden, Cypress Swamps, Charlestown Landing, the beach. There's plenty around Charleston for kids. As for driving through NC, there are a lot NASCAR grarages in Mooresville, if you want to get off 77 take 85 N, there Lowe's Motor Speedway, and Concord Mills (huge outlet mall), and IKEA. On 77, in town there's Discovery Place, also BofA Stadium, and the Bobctas Arena- both offer tours if your into the sports thing. There's historic Bratonsville in SC before you get to Columbia. There isn't a whole lot to see in downtown Charlotte except lots of cars, and a few tall buildings.
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