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Do you keep your flax seeds in the fridge or freezer?

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I have had mine in the cupboard in a ziploc and am not sure if this is the best way to store them. I store all my nuts and freshly ground flour in the freezer so they dont' go bad. I'm wondering "if" my seeds are maybe not as nutritious being stored the way they have been. They *might* be about a yr old - I dont' really remember.


I live in FL so weather & humidity are often a problem..... not to mention the possibility of flour bugs and such... ugh.

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I keep my unground flaxseeds in the refrigerator. I don't own any pre-ground, since it goes rancid so quickly.


I used to keep them in the cupboard, thinking they'd keep okay as long as they weren't ground up. Then I happened to use some for some sort of raw flaxseed cookies where the flaxseed carried much of the flavor, and, eeeeewwww! RANCID. So I threw out that bag and got a new one to keep in the fridge.


I'll admit, though, that I seem to notice rancid flavors more than most people.


(I haven't tried them straight up to see if they've gone rancid in the fridge, mostly because :ack2: I'm afraid to.)

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even if it isn't the *freshest* - it is still unground.....


(I put it in the freezer anyway to be safe!)


Shoot, you can't quote things that are in the title of a post, so I can't capture the bit I'm answering.


Anyway, no, rancid doesn't show up first as smell, at least not for me (and I have a pretty sensitive nose). For me, it's a bitterness that catches in the back of my mouth.


BTW, my mom grinds the seeds and then refrigerates some until the next day for use. In that short time I can taste a deterioration. It's just ... nasty.


I also have trouble eating mass produced products that contain chopped nuts, because I can always taste how rancid the nuts are. Really takes the fun out of eating a candy bar or cookie.

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