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  1. Although local municipalities and water districts administer the water resources, the Fed. Govt. has *a lot* of control over water issues. There was a recent Clean Water Act that has had municipalities scrambling to update their water treatement facilities (and come up with the funds to do it). Also, one of the things the Census information does is give the Feds information that aids them in where/how to distribute funds at the local level.
  2. Here in OR it is September 1. However, I remember back in the 70s in WA it was sometime in November. I have a December birthday, and got moved up a year, so I graduated at 17. Although I was one of the youngest in my class, I had several classmates who were just a month or so behind me.
  3. My oldest was hsed until 9th grade. I had planned on homeschooling all the way through. What happened, though, was that at the beginning of 9th grade, he was taking choir and playing football at the local high school. Because of the schedule, I spent a lot of time driving him back and forth and it was cutting into academic time at home. Also, my attempts at outsourcing higher math were causing both of us much frustration, and I realized he needed more structure. So, six weeks into 9th grade, I enrolled him in public school. Although it wasn't our original plan, it has gone very well f
  4. I am just about your height and weight and it sounds like we have the same proportion. Recently, I went into Ann Taylor Loft and the saleswoman who greeted me promptly directed me to the Women's section. Women's sizes have always been too big for me but I guess she couldn't tell that by looking, lol.
  5. The Kashi has 10g fiber, 6g sugar and 13g. protein. Good idea about the oatmeal. It would probably have less sugar. I can eat whole eggs. I thought the omega oil would make up for the lack of egg yolks, but I will certainly give that a try as well. >> What is your cardio workout?...because it may not be intense enough. Your heartrate needs to be up high enough for at least 20-30 straight minutes<< 30-45 minutes on the elliptical or stair stepper. I try to maintain 130bpm, but I think that may be a little too low, since my target range is between 106 and 152. Thanks fo
  6. ITA with the other posters that the hs conferences tend to be of one particular leaning or another. I attended one conference where the keynote speakers and a couple of breakout session leaders were pretty set on homeschoolers having a lot of children to the point of being disrespectful of those who only had 1 or 2. Having said that, I would go to a conference if there was a particular speaker or breakout session I was interested in that I knew would certainly benefit my homeschool and just SKIP the rest of it.
  7. Have you tried pumping? It never worked for me with any kind of pump.
  8. I have been trying to lose 50lbs forever. 16months ago, I started Weight Watchers and lost a total of 12lbs in a year, most of that was after I stopped counting points and started counting calories. I now keep track of my calories and nutrition online, which works as well or better than WW, though I am still not really losing. I eat 1400-1700 calories/day, depending on how much I workout. I workout almost every day, cardio and add weights on alternating days. I have started adding more protein into my diet, but am hitting a low blood sugar wall every morning around 10 that is diff
  9. :lol::lol::lol: Not sure who has too much time on their hands....the people who thought this up, the people who would watch this, or the people who dress their monkeys up like children. Too funny!
  10. Do you have a gallbladder? I had similar symptoms when I had one. (Notice I refer to that organ in the past tense. All is well now.)
  11. I enjoy shopping, but I like going alone. Because of the jobs I have now, I can't wear my jeans and t-shirts all the time before like I used to. While I like to try to wear more up to date styles, I don't usually talk about these things with other ladies. It would be like discussing what you had for breakfast or when you brushed your teeth. You just buy clothes and wear them. Also, Christy, I liked your comment. I love our church, but they have recently started doing men's and women's activities. The men's activities are things like playing softball, bowling or going to a baseball
  12. I think hormones could have a lot to do with it. I'm like you, and it gets much worse right before that time of the month. Sometimes I don't even remember what tom it is until I start obsessing about somethin like a hangnail and after 3 lost nights of sleep it finally occurs to me. Unfortunately for me, recognizing the problem doesn't make it go away. If only it were that easy!
  13. Have you seen the Think! brand? They are pricey but are very comfortable and look great with jeans or skirts/dresses. I have the linked pair in black. Normally, this pair sells for around $300, but I found a pair on clearance for $50. http://http://www.thinkshoesusa.com/shoes/prod_detail.aspx?style_sku=85243
  14. Hi Christina~ I know the feeling. When I dropped Aaron off for the first time in 9th grade, I cried--a lot--but also knew it was the right thing for him so it was very bittersweet. Just pm'd you.
  15. I never put SSN#s on doctor/dentist forms, and no one has ever come back to me and request that I add it.
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