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s/o Influenza B - Help please!

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DD 10yr has Influenza B. Basically, the ER dr told us there wasn't much we could do except stay on top of the ibuprofen and keep her hydrated. Normally I'm pretty confident in my mothering a sick child skills, but today I'm feeling a little unsure.


DD has literally slept ALL DAY. I'm not even kidding. She woke up for about 15 min when I offered her some lunch. She ate about 3-4 spoonfuls of chicken and rice and went back to sleep. She asked for a glass of water just prior to that and drank some.


So, my questions:


1. Do I let her sleep as much as she wants, or should I encourage her to wake up and read/watch TV quietly for a little bit? I'm concerned she will not be able to sleep tonight.


2. Do I wake her up to make her drink something? I don't think she's been in the bathroom at all today.


3. How do I determine when she's too dehydrated and needs to go in? I know how to do this in a younger child, but not at her age.


4. If I think she's getting dangerously dehydrated, should I wake her and try to get her to drink a bunch before deciding to take her in? Or, at that point is it too late, and we should just go either way?



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So sorry:grouphug:. My friends 11yo had this last week. She was very sick, lethargic, sleepy for a whole week. They too went to the ER and were told to provide tylenol/ibuprofen.


She said she was nervous about how much DD slept, but she just let her. If she's that sick, chances are she'll sleep all day and all night. I would let her call the shots.


My friend also offered soup, broth,etc. but her DD did not eat the first few days. For me liquids of some sort, whether water, juice, Gatorade would be non-negotiable. The last thing you want id to go back to the ER for dehydration. So, maybe ask DD what she feels like drinking and make sure she is, otherwise let her sleep.


How this passes quickly and no one else gets it!

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:grouphug: our hmo has an advice nurse; i'd call and ask her/him just what you've asked....


when dd had the swine flu, i woke her every 3-4 hours for meds, a cool shower and a minimum of 4 ounces of liquid, 8 if possible. i was most successful with popcycles and icies.... slushies were a good try, too.


good luck; its hard when they are so sick. i think its likely a good thing that she is sleeping.




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Try pedialyte or gatorade when she wakes up for medication. When we thought DD had the flu that's what the nurses kept pushing.


There is (at Target?) a pedialyte type fluid that's unflavored and tasteless. I can get that into DD mixed with juice. She doesn't know the difference (and hates pedialyte).


Let her sleep, and push fluids when she wakes up.


Hang in there, mama.

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I think if you are waking her up for meds every 4 hrs, you do not need to force her awake.


When mine have gotten like this I will bring out the popsicles and sorbet! Sometimes, I bring them down to the couch so I can keep a closer I on them.


Keep doing pinch tests for deydration. I don't push solid food or milk when they are this sick.


Wash cloths on the forehead, or back of the neck. I also do foot and hand massages. (the short story is when I was 8 we were snowed into a motel, the only dr they could find was a reflexologist? He walked in the room and massaged by feet and hands, my temp dropped almost instantly.)


I'm sorry you have a sick kiddo :glare:.

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When my ds4 had influenza B, it was the same way. I could not BELIEVE how much he slept!


It was almost 2 weeks before he could make it to lunchtime without a nap. The first few days (before the Dr. knew what he had) he slept almost 24 hours, waking in only short bursts. It was scary.


I kept the fridge stocked with things that were nutritious and quick! Since ds wouldn't be awake long, I couldn't spend time he was awake fixing him food. Lots of juice (he would drink more juice than water), applesauce, yogurt, cheese, etc. I pushed liquids as much as I could.


Hang in there. I'm sorry he's so sick!

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That must be a really yucky strain of Influenza B - most of the time "B" is the milder flu.


I would absolutely let her sleep. Her body is telling her what to do - it is working to heal itself. If she is waking to take meds an drinking with those, and she is at rest (thus not losing fluids through sweating, urinating, etc) then she will likely be fine. Sometimes we just have to trust that our bodies know best.

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We've got B here. Sleep. Fluids. Popsicles. Frozen yogurt. advil. More sleep. She's tired, has body aches, a fever, and a headache.


Watch out because it's very contagious. I came down with it three days after my dd. (maybe I shouldn't have slept with her the first night she was sick) I took her to the doctor within 24 of getting her fever so the doctor gave her tamiflu. Her fever is down to 99-100 instead of >103, but she's still tired 5 days after starting the tamiflu.

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This is what we went through too. I bought popsicles and when they were awake, that's how I forced them to hydrate (they were the all fruit popsicles). The only other thing they wanted was water. I would usually only let them sleep 4 hours before waking them up for tylenol (we can't take IB).


It has been a nasty year for bugs. My youngest has had the worst time! I hope your kiddos feel better soon!



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