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who has the fastest shipping for singapore?


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Christian Book always ships my items quickly (usually have the package within 5 days) and I am across the country from them! I never pay for the expedited shipping either.


Amazon items arrive within a couple days but that is because we are in the same state :D


I don't trust any other online stores, but maybe someone else will have some ideas!



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I have always purchased directly from singaporemath and have had things come promptly.




It depends where you live!


Bill lives near them. When I lived near Bill:D, they shipped very promptly. I moved, and now live near Rainbow Resource. Now, Rainbow Resource ships quickly and Singapore takes a bit longer.


Do you have a homeschool store near you? Most of them carry Singapore now.

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Not sure where you live, but I typically order Singapore books from Sonlight and they are often on my porch the next day. Orders over $150 are eligible for free FedEx shipping and, since I'm in Colorado where Sonlight is based, they are here almost instantaneously!

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