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  1. I know this thread is old, but for the record, I asked Richard this question in an email last spring and this was his response: Greetings, Unfortunately, I don't have much time to get into the studio these days. I'd like to get to the Intro Geometry book, but it will likely be a very long time before I'm able to. Sincerely, Richard Rusczyk On Wed, May 27, 2015 at 11:20 AM, Art of Problem Solving <info@artofproblemsolving.com> wrote: Do you plan to make videos to support the Geometry text? Thank you!
  2. We got two free tunings from the piano store and have just kept calling the same guy. I know NOTHING about what makes a good piano tuner. What separates one piano tuner from the next?!? Maybe I'll start a new thread... Anyway, can you offer $10 off coupons to be passed out at piano stores and such? Maybe at community-wide recitals?
  3. Bambi--looks like I'm not alone there! I also remember The Fox and the Hound as well as An American Tail. One of the first non-kid movies I can remember seeing is Look Who's Talking.
  4. There is no easy answer. I wrestled with this just 4 months ago when my last little one was due. From my reading, the antibiotics might save his life or might make him more susceptible to a antibiotic-resistant blood infection later on. The risk for both seemed about equal in the studies that I saw. I opted for the antibiotics during labor. My doctor really wanted me to have them based on having had one patient lose a baby to Group B strep before antibiotics were the standard protocol. While I wouldn't necessarily do it differently, it has not been without painful consequences--extremely painful yeast/thrush that threatened our breastfeeding relationship for the first 3 weeks after delivery and, more recently, painful reflux for my baby that caused him to frequently refuse to eat. The most difficult thing with both issues was pinpointing the underlying cause. Once we finally figured out the problems, all have been greatly and quickly helped with probiotics. A baby's first exposure to friendly bacteria that will be needed for proper digestion, among other things, is the birth canal. My little guy missed that opportunity, and I have been amazed at how much it has affected him. The cure was relatively simple, but the first 4 months with this baby were much more stressful than with my others because of all his antibiotic-related issues. Thankfully, he is much happier and content during feedings in this last week since he is getting a daily dose of acidophilus. If antibiotics are taken, I would encourage a healthy dose of probiotics for mom and baby BEFORE problems get out of hand. :)
  5. Whether or not this is true, I believe this is a fair charge to make.
  6. Maybe I do. I never really know what someone means when they call something "biblical" anyway. It seems a confusing adjective. Does it mean "in the Bible" or "condoned by God"? Those are two very different things. I don't tend to use the descriptor for that reason. People throw it around rather liberally, IMO. God's word on slavery seems clear in the New Testament--in Christ there is neither slave nor free. And, yet, Christians are now slaves to Christ. That's my kind of slavery. :001_smile: The kind that's not evil but downright good. I don't know that I can speak any more for Wilson. I don't necessarily hold his views (and I'm not even totally clear on what they are), but I did get the sense that his actual viewpoint has not been well-represented by the simplistic comments that have been tossed around here so I wanted to speak up and encourage a more careful reading of his own words. Excellent idea. I would like to read these for myself!
  7. As to his being "pro-slavery", we'd need to define the term. I still find the label misleading given the direction of this thread, but you are right that he argues it is not inherently evil. My point: the label seems to imply that he supports crimes that he repeatedly condemns so it's not all that helpful of a label. My understanding is that Slave Narratives is an actual text composed by journalists commisioned by FDR containing the testimonies of 2,300 former slaves. Haven't read it myself, just restating Wilson's claims. The atrocities you speak of that occurred to former slaves must not be diminished, I agree. I'm just not sure how we make the leap to therefore "he is a revolting human being." In the link to Wilson's writings on slavery that I read, he condemns the same crimes that you condemn. As to his letter begging for leniency in the case of a child predator, I wonder what he would say in his defense (that is what is missing in this conversation). It is not my place to know his motives, but, from the outside, it sure looks like poor judgment on his part, at best. Admittedly, it looks bad. Really bad. I pray for God's protection over all the children potentially at risk.
  8. Spy Car, the larger point of the conversation is whether or not slavery is inherently evil or not. Doug Wilson, in contrast with most Americans, argues that it is not evil in itself: This is an important distinction for two reasons (that I can think of), none of them having to do with Doug Wilson's personal enthusiasm for the institution. :tongue_smilie: (1) Regarding Southern slavery, Wilson argues that it was possible for one to be both a Christian and a slaveholder to the extent that the slaveholding was akin to the indentured servitude form of slaveholding which God permitted of the Hebrews (it wasn't, in many cases, as Wilson acknowledges). Yet he also claims that a relationship of devotion between master and slave was, in fact, more prevalent in the South than we have been led to believe, citing Slave Narratives. (2) More importantly, a Christian is told to consider himself a 'slave to Christ'. How could this be if slavery is, in itself, evil? Ephesians 6:5-9 reads: In other words, a good master will rule over his slaves in a way that acknowledges that he himself is a under the authority of heaven. Slavery, in itself, is not something to be feared, given a kind and good master. Problem is, on earth, no such perfect master exists. But, still, the problem with slavery resides with the abuse of the master, not with slavery itself. Also, the Bible seems to speak of slavery differently than we might conceive of it. For example, it states that 'the borrower is slave to the lender'. That kind of slavery is rampant in our modern democratic society and hardly raises eyebrows, though we would certainly expect the lender to treat the borrower in a just manner. The Biblical notion of slavery seems to refer to one being obligated to another. Doesn't sound quite as horrid in that context, yet... ...the idea of slavery still grates against our firmly-held ideas of AUTONOMY! Agree or disagree, that is Wilson's argument as I see it. For the record, it might also be helpful to point out Doug Wilson's condemnation of racism:
  9. Background: I do not pretend to know Doug Wilson, but I have read Recovering the Lost Tools... and a handful of other publications written by his family (most recently, Loving the Little Years written by one of his daughters). We also use a few materials published by Veritas Press. The serious accusations in this thread compelled my own reading of his slavery booklet. My conclusion is that this thread contains much misleading information. Among other things, he has been accused of being "pro-slavery" and his booklet an "apologia for slavery" which, while certainly a valid opinion, is hardly a complete summary of his more nuanced position as expressed, for instance, in these concluding remarks: "Slavery was attended with evils. As it existed in the South, it was not in any way perfect or utopian. But too often the real problems with slavery were not the problems we have been told about. However, as discussed earlier, Christians should be quick to notice the discrepancies between biblical slavery and that practiced in the South. These differences between the biblical standard and Southern slavery do make impossible an unqualified defense of the institution as it existed and operated in the South. Furthermore, the cruel mistreatment given to some slaves is inexcusable and truly despicable. All such evil was wicked and indefensible. When modern Christians condemn such things, however, they must recognize that they are not condemning something defended by the South. This mistreatment was reprobated by the majority of ante bellum Southerners as well. Modern condemnations of these abuses are several centuries late." I include the above quote not because I am interested in publicly defending him or his position, but for the sake of promoting accuracy. An aside: my personal opinion on the Bible's take on slavery, FWIW, is that Paul encourages slaves to submit to their masters 'for the sake of the gospel'. In Christ we are told there is 'neither slave nor free', and it is a beautiful thing for God-given human value to be respected. Why, then, would he tell slaves to submit and not defend their God-given rights? A slave master would view a slave's rebellion as advantageous to the slave ("Of course you follow Christ; he says you don't have to serve me!"), while a slave's submission would promote God's goodness and faithfulness ("Wow, what's so amazing about God that you trust Him enough to lay down your rights?"). Christians are all called to follow the example of Christ who laid down his rights, enduring death on a cross. God can be trusted to exalt those who humble themselves. Any form of humbling oneself has ALWAYS been counter-cultural, so it does not go unnoticed...and, if done in faith, the gospel is promoted. God is in the process of redeeming even slavery. He is setting things right. Funny how it happens in the opposite way we might expect, though--not by a show of force. ETA: I just read Kimber's post. She already explained what I was getting at in the last paragraph. :)
  10. I read the series over 10 years ago, but I STILL remember her overuse of the term "hunkered down". :001_smile:
  11. Just ordered four pairs of Keens for my kids on Zappos.com. Free shipping both ways, AND every time I've ordered from them they've sent me an email to tell me they've upgraded my shipping for free! I placed our order on Wed. and we got them this afternoon. Hard to beat.
  12. I read somewhere that if candida doesn't have any sugar, it can feed off protein. This site claimed that you cannot completely starve it off--you would starve first! We always have some yeast present in our bodies; it only becomes a problem when it is out of balance--an overgrowth. This same site (sorry I can't remember the link) claimed that the BEST thing you can do (long term) is to restore balance by reintroducing "good" bacteria. I mention this since it was the yogurt that finally healed me! Also, anything rich in immune-boosting properties will help.
  13. Newman's APNO really helped with the pain, but didn't knock it out for me. I had also tried grapefruit seed extract (applied to affected area and taken orally). After 3 1/2 weeks I finally kicked it after applying plain (no sugar!) yogurt on my nipples and letting DS suckle. I had done this on just one side and the next day that side felt healed, so I applied it to both sides and just let it all air dry. I also ate some of the plain yogurt twice daily. If that hadn't worked, my doctor had just prescribed Diflucan and I had gentian violet ready to go, too (although one study has linked it to cancer of the mouth). The pain is awful. I hope she gets relief soon!
  14. Interesting. I know this thread is old, but I thought this link would be helpful to the discussion (that's no longer going on--LOL). http://www.aholyexperience.com/intimacy-with-god/
  15. I always had short cycles (21-23 days) as a teen. After having babies they would lengthen for a while and then shorten again. I ovulate very early in my cycle which, as I understand, is a sign of high levels of estrogen. Is she getting too many hormones from milk? I have always been very fertile and have never had any problems with cysts/endo., so I wouldn't think that it is necessarily a problem--just an annoyance! Also, I eat a balanced diet. I have had short cycles during periods of stress and periods of relative ease.
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