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French/Portuguese for middle school and beyond

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(I feel like Buzz Lightyear):lol:


Ds has informed us that he would like to learn French or Portuguese, in addition to Latin. I took French in hs, but couldn't possibly teach him. I am looking at our options, and think an online class would be best. I don't think there is an online option for Portuguese. Does anyone know? He is 12.


If he takes French, I figure I can sit along side him and pick it up. Also my dad speaks French fluently and could practice with him.


If we find an option for Portuguese, he could practice with my father's wife. She is Brazilian and a Native speaker. I know there is a difference, but this is what we have available to us.


Any suggestions? I am not at all attracted to Rosetta Stone. I really want to find something. It is not often that he asks for/picks a class he would like.





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I'm not exactly sure how it works, but check out livemocha.com - it's supposed to give you the chance to interact with native speakers, a great help no matter what his main course is.


We like Byki as far as software goes, and it's way cheaper than RS or TMM. We actually own TMM as well, for French, and I do like it, but I think we could have waited till she was more advanced for that.


Check your library for free language software as well (to use online).


Funny, those are the exact languages MY 12-yr-old wants! She's been doing Latin, started French last year, and wants Portugese and Italian. I really need to get her on LiveMocha!

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