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  1. Just checking in here for some nostalgia and saw this wonderful post! Thank you for the kind words. This school year, 2020 - 21, is my last year teaching AP Statistics and I will be retiring. I picked my replacement and with great confidence am highly recommending Jen Driscoll. She posts on WTM all the time too, NittanyJen, so you might have seen some of her posts here too. https://www.aphomeschoolers.com/cgi-bin/choose.pl?class=stats
  2. I have a friend whose daughter works for a DC firm evaluating the FAFSA form. If you have completed FAFSA please take the time to take her survey. https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/FixFAFSA
  3. Registration is open now for the PA HS'er classes. Thank you all for your kind words about my class. It's been very rewarding to read this thread. Carole
  4. I lined the bottom of the brownie pan with Al foil. I let the brownies cool completely in the pan. Next morning I ran a knife around the outside edge of the brownies, inverted the pan and was pleasantly surprised at how they came out in one piece.
  5. I left my brownies whole---thanks Margaret!
  6. Have you sent any care packages? Please share if you have --- I'm heading to USPS with 2 care packages, one is headed to Utah and the other to Ohio. The Utah package has: Buckeyes (chocolate covered sweet peanut butter center candy --- yes, I make them) Amish Cinnamon Bread Chocolate fudge pillow case --- I made it using fabric with a raspberry design. REI check and membership card His package weighs just over 9#. The Ohio son has already received 2 packages. The first was a 15# box of buckeyes. The second contained air rifle shot and a t-shirt. This box has more variety in it: buckeyes (this is just a small bag of buckeyes cause I need these things out-of-my-home!) Amish Cinnamon bread brownies pretzel M&Ms peanut M&Ms Sour Patch Kids candy Peppermint Patties box of Ferrero Rocher candy microwave popcorn Misc clips that he left home Ramen Noodles silverware His package weighs just under 10#.
  7. My oldest DS is off in grad school and I was shocked this past Friday when he called to let me know where he was going backpacking for the weekend. Since moving into his apartment in Salt Lake City a month ago he has called at least a-half-dozen times and texted a lot. This is a kid who went months upon months his freshman and sophomore year without texting or calling. My youngest DS, for medical reasons, is required to text me every morning, single word is fine. On his own he has sent photos and answered a phone call once but started the conversation with a ---- I only have a minute to talk. LOL! No, a minute was not enough time. He moved into his dorm 2 weeks ago so yesterday I called him. During the call we chatted about phone calls. He claims that he didn't know he was supposed to call and let us know how things are going, or that we wanted to know what he was doing. :lol: I expect that in another 2 weeks I'll be the one calling again.
  8. Send me a PM with your email address and I'll send you my school profile, counselor letter too.
  9. Me too but at least the site gives you links to the school policy so that you can make a decision about the school's policy, or lack of one.
  10. Yep. OSU is doing nothing. No alcohol counseling. No sanction against the kid. Nothing. OSU does not have anything in their policy about what happens to the offender when they break the rules---and this kid broke about a dozen rules in their policy. DS reported that last night while he was out on the floor socializing with the other kids the roommate was in the room playing video games. He's having fun and hoping that the kid just keeps playing video games. I've suggested to DS that he tell his roommate that if he goes out and gets drunk again to crash where he is drinking and to not come back to the room. That DS should call 911 next time and hit 'MOM' on the cell phone telling her that her son is being taken to the hospital for possible alcohol poisoning.
  11. DS moved into his dorm on Thursday at OSU and participated in the *Move-In Crew* on Saturday. That's when his roommate moved in and they only briefly met. Saturday night / Sunday morning when DS returned to his room at 1:10 am he found his roommate passed out on the floor, room trashed and vomit everywhere. RA was called, DS slept at a rifle team members apartment and returned to the dorm t meet with the RA, Floor Leader and roommate mid-afternoon Sunday. Roommate apologized, said it would never happen again and he cleaned the room with 409. I'm not at all pleased with the action taken --- roommate is not receiving counseling or a sanction or anything other than a slap on the wrist. No, OSU will not move the kid. No, my DS cannot move because the transfer list is very long and he doesn't want to move from this dorm since this is where his rifle teammates live and since he arrived early and worked the move-in crew he has already made a boat-load of friends (his words). In this process of looking for OSU's policy I came across a site that might be helpful to other parents looking at colleges. A grading of schools alcohol and drug policy: http://ssdp.org/school-policies/ They gave OSU a C. The other schools DS considered are not even listed.
  12. Books have been known to have incorrect answers. Given the equations you wrote I disagree with the book. Let's look at (3,6) for the first equation: y = x + 7 6 = 3 + 7 NO, that is not correct. 3, 6 is not a solution to the first equation! y = -1/2x + 1 6 = -1/2(3) + 1 6 = - 3/2 + 1 NO, that is not correct. 3.6 is not a solution to this equation either! Now that (-5, 1) we'll use it in the #2 set: X + 2y = 10 -5 + 2(1) = 10 - 3 = 10 NO, not a solution to this equation This solution manual has 2 errors!
  13. Subtract the equations y = x + 7 -(y = -1/2x + 1) 0 = 3/2X + 6 subtract 6 from each side - 6 = 3/2X multiple each side by 2/3 2/3(-6) = 2/3(3/2X) -4 = X substituted -4 back into either equation to solve for y y = (-4) + 7 = 3 Intersection of these two lines is (-4, 3) Next one do the same way but it we need to *adjust* one of the equations and then subtract: 2(x + 2y = 10) -----> 2x + 4y = 20 2x - 3y = 6 ----> -(2x - 3y = 6) 0 + 7y = 14 y = 2 Substitute 2 back into either equation to solve for x x + 2(2) = 10 x = 6 Intersection of these two lines is at (6,2)
  14. For the past 4 years my oldest lived at college just 20 minutes up the road from us. Kids from our neighborhood commute to UD, it is that close. Often while grocery shopping I would text him and ask if he wanted me to pick up anything for him. Sometimes I would just purchase his favorite items (Oreo or Fig Newton Cookies) and have them ready for him to take back to school or drop them off if he had invited me to visit. While in the dorm, several times a term, I baked cookies or cakes or pies, and delivered them to him. He shared them with the other kids in the dorm too. Once he moved out of the dorms it seemed like he was coming home every weekend but before taking him back I always invited him to *raid* the freezer for meats and other goodies. And oh my, how he did raid the freezer for meat. I remembered how my college apartment mates would return from their home with a box full of meat and other food items. It meant they didn't have to spend time grocery shopping or money. And if DS came home with dirty laundry I took care of it. Imagine that! My boys started doing all heir own laundry around 13 yo so he was in the habit of doing it but I took over that chore during his college years. Last month when I did that last load of laundry for him I did shed a lot of tears. How silly, but not really. A few times I ordered items on Amazon and had the packages delivered to him, such as geeky shirts or a hoody. Sometimes I handed him a Starbucks card. I never filled his mailbox with cards but I also never saw him really enjoy a card he received in the mail.
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