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    Live Ed 2nd grade -- Good/Very good condition, $275 ppd. Mostly a matched set except Drawing Simple Animal Forms. The books are free from notes/highlighting, although there are some smudges on some of the covers. Includes: Native American legends The golden legends (how to teach) A collection of the golden legends Teaching fables A collection of fables Drawing simple animal forms (doesn't match) Nature stories for the second year



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    This is an older edition (1999) but still usable set for Oak Meadow 7th grade. Set contains World History, Teacher's Manual, English 7, and Earth Science. Some pages from the Table of Contents of the history syllabus are loose, and I found a few instances of highlighting/soiling. All 4 books (which are blue) have cover/spine wear. I would like $65 media ppd for the set. In case you're wondering about the differences between this and new editions, I can't help a lot, but I can say that 2 years ago I used with my twins an older set of 6th grade alongside a newer set. The courses were largely the same, although I noticed that the older set typically asked more of a student than the newer edition (they cut back the workload in more recent editions). Also there were very occasionally references to modern resources in the newer edition (like recent films, books, or websites). Sometimes an English or history book was swapped out for a newer one. Let me know if you're interested and thanks for looking!


  3. I can't seem to PM you right now (I keep getting a "driver error") but I'm hoping to buy both of your "Modern Rhymes" books. My zip is 03301. I will try again later to PM you but if you get this first feel free to try PMing me and maybe the server will be fixed! Thank you!
  4. Unity-- thank you thank you thank you for the LOF chapters!

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