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  1. I have one and I love it. I thought the size would bother me but I wanted the big screen. My only recommendation is to get some sort of strong cover, because I find it too big I end up almost throwing it all the time when I carry it and its mostly too big to fit in my pocket.
  2. We just moved here about 5 weeks ago! My husband is from Santa Cruz, so although he works in San Jose we live here. He takes the bus to work, and it takes 40-50 min. He likes it though, because he has wfi on the bus and he can work or play video games. We love it here so much, and I'm so thankful to be here.
  3. Today I am going to try saving the calories for evening. It's actually going very well so far, but last time I didn't get dizzy till evening. I had breakfast and dinner that day, so far today I had a banana at 2:00 and some herbal tea. I will try 600 today, I mean, I'm sure I'll still lose in 600. I am going to do 3 fast days a week. Right now I need to work on control on non fast days, I gained back everything I'd lost last week.
  4. So far I haven't been able to keep it at 500. I got very dizzy at night and was seeing like, electric light spots. I would say I was at 800 calories after my husband made me eat a bit more. Maybe it's because I have quite a bit to lose? I have like, 130lbs to lose, so I wonder if my needs are higher a bit. But I'm going to try again tomorrow. I am going to try 3 days of fasting this week. I find it so much easier than having to eat or worry a out what I eat.
  5. I've tried this this week, and I feel a bit dizzy and shakey on fast days. How long does it take to stop feeling that way?
  6. I want to do all of it!! I'm doing OM with my k and 1st already, so part of me wants to go with OM for him, but he just didnt love it. I've got math u see for him already, and he's doing noeo biology, and aar even though he's reading at a 5th grade level. I just feel like there are so many great choices now, thanks for all the ideas.
  7. I'd never actually looked at MBP before, it looks fun and very open and go.
  8. Can you tell me what you like about memoria press? I had heard it was very dry and a lot of writing. We did om last year but he hated all the drawing, though it was a lovely program.
  9. Which box would you use? We are having a very stressful year. We moved to a new state a week ago, and we are living with my inlaws until we buy a house which could take months. I also have a herniated disc and I'm doing a lot of physical therapy. I have stuff picked out for my 1st grader (though I accidentally packed it and it's being stored in another city for a month!), but my 3rd grader is the one I need some help with. I was thinking of doing sonlight core c, because he loves Vikings and such, but every time I go to order it I get worried because it just looks dated. Like early 80's, and I find that uninspiring. So, if you had to pick a box, for an 8 year old, who is active, loves reading, and hates writing and coloring, what would you pick?
  10. Merry, thank you so much for your response. You gave me a lot to think about. I was happy to see last night that the books I already have are not included in the core so I can buy Core C without having to rebuy them. Thanks everyone, I feel a lot better about doing this. I think I will continue with my plans to deconstruct it a bit and slow it down, added with SOTW2.
  11. Thanks for all the responses. I think I will buy Core C and SOTW2 and the activity guide, because my son loves it so much right now. History is favorite subject. Does Core C and SOTW2 line up well? In Sonlight, is it hard to find activities?
  12. Yes, I wonder this, too. I think that might be part of my problem with Sonlight, is I don't fully understand what it is. But then this year when I'm on my own I'm always afraid I'm missing something and I need the box to pull it together.
  13. I was wondering about this, as well. I have so many of the books already, like the encyclopedias, Time Travelers, the markable maps and timeline. I guess I'm trying to figure out if its just a schedule. I would love to buy the books I think look interesting, but I am worried if I buy all of them when will I have time to read other things? There are so many awesome books.
  14. Thanks so much for all the replies. I feel like, I don't know my teaching methods yet. I feel one kid does best with a waldorf type education (but I don't like or believe in waldorf, but he does best with that sort of shell, if that makes sense), while my oldest gets super bored and angry with the pace. Sometimes I feel I have to have full 4 year plans set up for all children now, and I just can't. I already have OM1 for my 6yr old next year, I'm getting MP J/k for my 4 year old, and I think I needed confidence that sonlight can be great for some kids/families. The books choices always were a bit over their heads but I think this core will be so fun and memorable for him next year. I add a different science, LA, and we do VP bible cards.
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