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WTM forum conversations of the past - all the way back to 1999!!

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There were some great posts "back in the day"....


Remember waxing????????:lol:


There was another one that I'd love to re-read about someone helping a friend who was giving birth, and the friend had a terrible doctor... Does that ring a bell?? Some of the details have escaped me... :glare:



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Oohhh, fun times, those were. Wow, brings back memories. I found a post from Jan 2002 where I was telling someone to chill out & not be worried about being "behind". LOL, my oldest was 6 and I was already talking like an old pro. I always have been able to talk a good talk, lol.


Can't believe it's been so many years. I found a post from 2000-2002ish where SWB was ancy to give birth. . .


Wow, times change!

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I just found one where I explain the binary system, *AND* I explain it wrong! :lol: :lol:

I have no clue what I was drinking that day. I worked with computers for years and years and years. I used the binary system way back then. How could I have it wrong like that???


Oh my, talk about a humility lesson I just got... My error is forever on the web now...


(goes off to hide)

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Is this site glitchy for anyone else? I can't pull up a lot of dates before 2004 and any dates in early 2004 and all the ones I can pull up in 2004 before about August are the same board even though they have different dates. I can't move forward by hitting the new board link at the end of each current board and I can't read a lot of the individual posts. I am trying to find my first post but can't seem to do it. The first one I can find makes it obvious that I had already been posting for awhile. It is like the ones from when I started posting in about early 2003 until mid 2004 are not available and I can't read many of the ones I did post after that. I can only see the titles. I it kind of frustrating.

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The archives only show the boards as they appeared at the moment(s) archive.org (the Wayback Machine) took a "snapshot", which they appear to have done at irregular intervals. Meaning there are gaps of several months when the boards didn't get archived at all. If anyone runs across my post "We're trying to convince our children they don't live in a 24-hr fast-food restaurant," let me know, but I think it's gone.

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