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So what all do you dehydrate?

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After the thread on the Excalibur, I watched the videos on youtube for http://www.dehydrate2store.com and now I'm wondering what all people dehydrate? I sometimes see produce on clearance and freeze bananas when they start to go bad, I've never had much luck with bananas, I never sprayed them with lemon juice either though. I just have a cheaper dehydrator, but it does have a fan and circulates well, but we dehydrate apples all the time and I'm wondering if it would be worth it to get an excalibur. I also garden and usually freeze zucchini, but never crossed my mind to dry it. How do you use it once it's dry? Soups?

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grapes (raisins)

Peppers (hot and sweet)




eggplant (not my favorite)


I also use my Excalibur to set my bread dough to raise. I know several ladies that use it for yogurt, too.

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I use my dehydrator for strawberries, cherries (sweet cherries and sour cherries), cherry tomatoes, apples, peaches, pears, and fruit leather. It keeps us in snacks for the entire winter.


I loved dried zucchini chips for about 2 weeks after they were dehydrated, but they lost the crispness and flavor quickly, so I haven't dried zucchini since, at least not beyond filling a tray or so specificially for chips to eat within a few days.



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Herbs (especially basil)


Zucchini (throw it in random dishes, or just eat like chips)

Grapes (raisins)


Hot peppers


I haven't myself, but a friend has dehydrated onions as well.


I've also made homemade fruit leather with my dehydrator.

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I have this book:




I used it while I was on a raw foods diet.


Don't ask me why I went off the raw foods diet other than it was hard to keep up with while traveling and such.....I felt great while doing it, although I didn't lose weight like I thought I would.


I loved the flax crackers and the "pizza crust"



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