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Saxon - do you make them do all of the problems..


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My dd does all the written practice problems but she doesn't do the lesson practice problems. We use the DIVE CD and dd does the problems along with the speaker on the CD. This is our 1st year to use the CD and we are only on lesson 17. So far, it has worked well to just do the practice problems on the cd and then do the written practice work. My thought was if she needs more practice with the new concept then she will do the lesson practice as well as the written practice. Hope this makes sense:)

As far as complaining or whining - I take away privlages for that because it makes my skin crawl:D

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Primary: pick and choose.


Math 54 and up: every.single.problem. I don't care if they whine. :D


Unlike some math books, Saxon was designed for every problem to be an important part of the math instruction.


Jann in TX says you can get away with skipping some up to about Math 65, I believe, but that from Math 76 and up you're asking for trouble if you do.

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DS (in 7/6) only does the lesson practice about 1/2 the time...and often orally. He does all the mixed practice with 1 exception....once in a while if we fall behind due to busyness and a lesson just seems WAY too easy (where I say didn't I just teach you this 2 weeks ago?) we will skip all the problems for the day so we can merge with the next lesson or a testing day or extra practice on a concept that he's struggling with.


Not ideal, but if ds didn't make careless mistakes he would have nearly 100%. This week we skipped mentally multiplying/dividing decimals by 10 and 100 but spent some extra time calculating sales taxes, which he seems to be forgetting how to do day to day.



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YES! A lot of why we do is because of Art Reed. You should go read his articles. They are EXCELLENT! At any rate, he says you defeat the purpose of using a mastery program, like Saxon, if you don't make them do every problem.




I've read all his newsletters, but that's the latest. It's worth taking the time to read them all.





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