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  1. We have Classic Cafe Red....they look like this except the cubs were white with a red stripe when I bought them. We had Pfaltzgraf Heritage dishes before, heavy!!! We love these and just keep adding to them. http://www.walmart.com/ip/10251165?wmlspartner=wlpa&adid=22222222227000008770&wl0=&wl1=g&wl2=c&wl3=13684133350&wl4=&wl5=pla&wl6=34440412270&veh=sem
  2. Now it won't let me change my password (Your Security Key is Invalid) or (That email is already in use)...... Calgon! Take me AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I've probably done something with some kind of setting somewhere, but I can no longer sign into the site with my FB account. When I try, I get this message..... The page isn't redirecting properly Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete. This problem can sometimes be caused by disabling or refusing to accept cookies. I've set my computer to accept all cookies, etc (I think it has always been set like that) .....but still can't log in with FB. :(
  4. Could you buy 1/4 inch drywall and put that right over the existing drywall and paper? Tips I've learned from watching far too many hgtv shows and watching actual drywallers install...as well as installing ourselves.... Put the drywall up horizontally....less noticeable seams. Use a damp sponge to gently smooth the wet mud after each application cycle. After the mud has dried....use a clean and dry putty knife to gently smooth over the ridges that may be left....Why sand when a gentle scrapping would suffice....less dust. When all this is done....and it takes a good two or three days to do a GOOD mudding job.....each day a new layer.....then sand. The dust is horrendous!! This is a skill that does realy get better with practice....we just did a wall ourselves and it looks amazing!!! OUr first efforts years ago looked horrible. We are so proud of what we have learned. LOL
  5. When we are ready to start our day.... Sitting in the Living Room: Poetry Our current Read Aloud Shakespeare Move to Table for: Latin Health Composer/Artist Study Folksongs/Hymns Nature Study (sometimes) Drawing Science Lab... Physics Lab in the Supermarket, etc. Each kid in their own "spot": Saxon Math Reading...History/Georgraphy/etc.... Spelling Wisdom for copywork English for the thoughtful child -or- Simply Grammar (depending on the child) Mapwork in the hall with the large wall maps and me... Timeline Book I think that is most of it....we are also going to start practicing writing letters (form, etiquette, handwriting, etc). Not everything is done each day...but you get the general idea. I am pamark1 over at the AO forums. See ya there! :001_smile:
  6. I think it depends on the age of the children..... When younger, my kids used individual desks....now that they are jr. high aged they use a "community table" and the kitchen bar...in other words, wherever they can find room. I have two that are on the same level and the older girl used to cheat off the younger one, so I always had to keep them separate...it isn't as big of a deal now. :D
  7. I'm eating a vanilla caramel drumstick ice cream cone right now........ AWESOME!!!!!!
  8. We moved here from GA three years ago....and love it! I have a baccalaureate degree and my reporting requirements are very few here. I turn in an intent to hs, an abbreviated one because I've already turned in the regular one. I test the kids once a year but the results stay with me, I don't have to turn them in. And other then covering the subject matter, that's about it. I think the "Cities" have very active hsing groups...I don't know except from finding out that all the groups seem to be down there and not up where I am, (Detroit Lakes).
  9. Pay the amount. Have the kid work off the damage and disobedience. Take the scooter away for awhile. Drink a beer and be glad it was just a car and minor disobedience and not anything worse.
  10. I've been to one or two down in GA....but since moving up here, no. I'm waaaaaay too far away from any convention and won't spend the money for a hotel. They were important to me the one or two times I went and was fairly new to homeschooling.....but I've been doing this for about 10 years now and don't feel the need. Besides, I never have any money when the conventions roll into MN. :D
  11. We have a hazy "end" date out there somewhere....we're just not sure where it is. ...and I'm tellin' ya, somedays that haze begins around noon. I shoot for an end date to the year, but have never, ever made it......time and scheduling aren't my strong points. Really, I should say "following" a schedule isn't my strong point. I make lots of schedules, but never seem to be able to follow them.......... OH LOOK! A Butterfly! What were we talking about? :001_smile:
  12. If you are going to eat 20 pounds of fruit in the next few days, I recommend LOTS AND LOTS OF TOILET PAPER! :lol: ....and remember, once baked, mixed, etc....you can always freeze the end product again.... depending on what you make.
  13. I would like to add......just because you may not have done well in math in your own schooling (however long ago that may have been).... you might be surprised to find that now, as an adult, you comprehend it a little better then in high school. I was always told that I was bad in math (thanks ma!)....I managed to pass, but never excelled. Now I find math enjoyable and fun! I get the concepts a lot better and enjoy working way ahead of my kids....I can't wait to get to calculus! I think, too often, we cubbyhole ourselves into who we were as a young person and fail to allow ourselves to mature. I grasp concepts much better at 50 than I ever did at 25. I don't think our mental development should ever be shut off. So, my words of wisdom...... "Try it...you may find that you like it". :D
  14. Peach Bottom, PA To be near my brother......one of the few family members still talking to me. :tongue_smilie: Of course, if we lived near one another......we probably wouldn't be talkin'. :lol:
  15. We have one tv...with directv. We have few restrictions on it, off during school hours, turn it off when you leave the room, and we all like to mute the commercials....mostly because we don't like the medical commercials. I've toyed with disconnecting the tv from directv...but we love our documentaries and hgtv. We never watch primetime tv. If it isn't on hgtv, discovery, animal planet, or food network...chances are we haven't seen it. Well, Cartoon Network and Nick also. As the weather warms up we spend less and less time in front of the tv. Now... the computer is a whole other deal. :tongue_smilie:
  16. We do a modest basket and egg hunt....but the kids know that these have nothing to do with Easter..... we just like chocolate. :D For us..."Easter".... the Resurrection ...... is a daily event, not once a year. It is a spiritual overcoming of fleshly ties.
  17. We don't wear them because they were stolen within the first five years of our marriage and we never replaced them, yet. We've talked about replacing them, but haven't done it. Maybe we won't. Hubby is a mechanic, so wearing his would be dangerous. I'd rather he didn't have one to wear until he is retired.
  18. BA in Biology but I have never really worked in my field...always retail. Now...I like to get up late and teach the kids. :D
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