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Literature-oriented curricula (Amer/early mod)


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I am looking for ideas for curricula to finish up this year and use for next year (we do CC also, and so I am looking for something American history oriented, though doesn't have to be exclusively American).


My girls (ages 7 and 4, soon to be 8 and 5) much prefer readers -- actual books about people -- versus SOTW. They do like Usborne ILE for pictures and info. Plus, with a special needs toddler who has lots of therapy, dr appts, etc., it is easier to bring a book to read versus a text and page to narrate.


What are some options available? I have looked at Sonlight, which looks fine but almost too much reading, and also Guesthollow, which I am leaning toward. The idea of a planned week to work with or adjust is appealing.


This is our first year homeschooling, and I'm sure there is more out there. What else am I missing?


A few other thoughts -- we do our own Bible plan, plus we have science through CC, and so those aren't required (but if a program has them, fine).


Thanks in advance for any ideas!

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I am using Beautiful Feet as a guide for early American. I am also going to get some other books from the library and amazon.com. I might also do some of the following (these were recommendations from other people on here):






I am also planning on using some of the "If You..." books and the "You Wouldn't Want to..." books that are relevant to the time period! HTH

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If your girls like dolls, they might like the American Girl stories. There's one set about a girl named Felicity who lived in Williamsburg in the 1770s -- right by your doorstep. There are some out-of-print books with accompanying cooking projects, craft activities, and the like; you can still find them floating around used on the internet, and they're really good. Many of the girls in the stories also have a non-fiction book to go with them: Felicity's World, Samatha's World, etc. A couple of the stories have been made into movies/DVDs, so you get a good visual representation of what life looked like for kids during the particular time period.


The books are simple, but they have some very solid research behind them.


Completely different are Jean Fritz's marvelous short paperbacks about various colonial and Revolutionary characters. These were hands-down dd's favorite history readings in the early years.

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Guest Dulcimeramy

Just this very moment I have finished modifying SL Core 3 for my 6yo.


I wouldn't bother with this if I didn't already own it and if I hadn't already used it three times with other children. I would choose something else open-and-go instead.


Toby finished Core K early and I don't want to start him on Core 1 until fall (when the rest of my students will also begin Ancients), so I decided to make do with a modified Core 3 to last us the rest of the year.


This is how I did it:


1. Choose half of the history books. (The Jean Fritz books, and others of that level and interest)


2. Use the regular readers.


3. Omit the read-alouds.


4. Omit Landmark and choose a different spine. I'm going with Eggleston's First Book of American History, which is also used in HOD. This has some geography and also narration Q's for each chapter.


When I scheduled it all out, I ended up with a 20-week plan. I'll use Eggleston 2 days per week and the SL 3 history selections 3 days per week. We'll use the regular readers as read-alouds, and I've scheduled them one at a time to be read every day.


I can use my SL 3 IG for comprehension questions, geography and timeline, and vocabulary.

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Thanks again for all of the ideas! I really like many of these programs.


A few questions, if anyone is able to answer---


-- For MFW, it seems like there is a lot of emphasis on states. Would this get tiresome?


-- For Beautiful Feet, is the guide similar to the page given in the sample -- that is read a few pages, answer one or two questions, and then color the picture?


I like knowing how many options are out there. Thank you!

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