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  1. I love Nallenart but just be aware, their shipping is atrocious (I had to put a claim through pp just to get it shipped and even then she waited until the last possible day) and their customer service is just as bad. She refuses to answer any emails and their phone number goes to voice mail and they never return calls. While I like the program I will absolutely not buy from the company again. If I find someone else selling this program I will buy it from them, otherwise I will be looking into another program.
  2. Meats...always meats! Everytime I look it seems like the price goes up quite a bit. I always have asticker shock at the checkout too. Especially when I THOUGHT I had a light week in regards to what I had on hand.
  3. I'm in trouble ladies. I don't think my marriage could surivive if we took out the sarcasm. :D I mean, when he tells me I have a big butt I know what that really means :blushing: :lol:...if he were to tell me *seriously* that I looked beautiful I would have to question him as to what he did wrong.
  4. :iagree: :iagree: :iagree: Of course, I am the woman who allowed my 5 year old to go to the store with me in mismatched prints, and a long sleeve shirt on when it was 100 degrees simply because the insuing fight to get her to change just wasn't worth it that day! I'm sure there were many who were judging me and wondering how I could allow my child out in such a get-up!
  5. I have done both. Moving during pregnacy is much much MUCH easier than moving with a baby!
  6. I have really had to think, rething, type, delete, and then type again because the originial post is just crazy. As if we don't put enough pressure on ourselves, we what...now have to worry about what perfect strangers think of us and if we are pleasing enough in their sight to justify leaving the house? Are we in high school again? There could be many many reasons. But first and foremost, just because you don't think someone looks good doesn't mean someone else thinks so. So why, you ask, does one dare leave the house in baggy clothes, and no make up on... 1) Maybe their child was up all night sick and they had a few minutes to run to the store to try to feed the rest of the family. 2) Maybe their husband or child has a fatal illness and they focus all of their time and energy on that person instead of worrying about what some random stranger thinks of them. 3) Maybe they were outside working in the heat, trying to get some yardwork done, but forgot something they needed and had to run out. 4) Maybe that woman had lost their job, their child, their husband, their parent, etc just days, weeks, or months before and they are dealing with depression and could really care less what they look like. 5) Maybe that woman has twins, triplets, quads, several younger children, and that extra 20-30 minutes you speak of just plainly doesn't exist. 6) Maybe the woman has no eartly clue how to BE fashionable and so just doesn't try. It doesn't come natural to all people. 7) Maybe that woman is have some serious PMS, nothing fits, she feels grows and fat and bloated and could really care less at that particular moment. Maybe, maybe, maybe....
  7. It has been over a month and still nothing. :glare: She answered 1 email a week after I placed the order in which she said she would be sending me a tracking number. A week later I still hadn't received it, so I emailed and got nothing back, emailed again and got nothing back, called and left a message and got nothing back, emailed again and got nothing back, emailed through paypal still got nothing back. I finally escalated it in Paypal and I"m just hoping to get a refund now. I don't know how she has stayed in business this long. Who runs a business that way? We had to start our year without a French curriculum. I can't afford to go out and buy another one either until (if) I get a refund from paypal. :001_huh:
  8. We watch the French Little Pim and my children absolutely love it. We also have a French song CD with children's songs on it and they love that as well. Little Pim gets two thumbs up from me!
  9. Well that is certainly disappointing. I heard such great things about the curriculum. How long do you have to file a dispute with paypal?
  10. Has anyone else had any problems in the shipping with Nallenart? It has been 3 weeks and I haven't even received a tracking number like she said I would and she hasn't responded to my emails. Does she just take a really long time to ship? Do you/did you eventually receive it? Is it just my order that is having problems? If youhave ordered from them will you please share your experience?
  11. I got a complete supply list off of the BFSU yahoo group! It is fantastic!
  12. Well, I imagine because relion is routed in history. Major events throughout history have happened due to religion. I don't understand how you can teach history by completely taking out the religious aspect.
  13. I have been completely underwhelmed by our local summer reading program. They set it up so that you fill out your form and turn it in when you have read 10 books (you fill out several). When you turn it in you fill out another piece of paper with your child's name, it gets put in a jar, and each week they pick out several and as their prize they get....candy....:confused: Not happy with that at all. Not only that but the candy I have seen them hand out isn't even all age appropriate (now n laters, hard candy pieces, etc) that my children wouldn't be able to eat even IF their name were to be called. No books have been handed out, it has only been about candy. Needless to say we stopped filling out the forms even though we read all the time.
  14. :iagree: I also have the Calvert edition.
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