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  1. Coming to this thread very late....did you end up finding a stroller? We have the MacLaren Buggy for my son (almost five, Down syndrome, low muscle tone, also a "runner" away from me). It works VERY well. I'm glad I ordered the shopping basket to go with it, but the sun shade is kind of a pain -- it doesn't fold with the stroller. Hope this helps!
  2. Thank you all for your replies! The dress is a little shapeless and casual. I think I will do another dress for the wedding and save this for other, more casual, occasions. I am not tall or tan or stick thin or anything such a dress might typically need. That said, I want to show my mom that I am wearing it, as she is in her late 70s, rarely buys me things like this, and will not be on this earth forever. So I will hunt for a belt or leggings or just wear it when we visit or something, because she makes me happy just for loving me!
  3. I am pasty pale. As in, when I once traveled in a non-touristy part of Mexico, a child pointed to me and said to his mom, "Dama Blanca!" But I do have good shoes to go with it. Maybe a good sunless tanner?
  4. Thank you both. The one wedding I'm going to soon is a 4pm one. Bride is laid back, but we live next door to her parents, who are more formal. The tunic/leggings idea sounds cute. Thank you!
  5. Hello! My mother bought me a dress that I'd like to wear, but I'm not quite sure how to pull it off. It is pretty and looks decent on me, but it comes a bit higher above the knee than I would typically wear. Pic is here http://altaalta.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1_8&products_id=596 http://altaalta.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1_8&products_id=596 I was thinking I could get some grey leggings and just wear it with flats or sandals. Not sure if I could dress it up for a spring wedding, though. I'm 42, about a size 10, and I usually dress presentably but not trendy, though I have nothing against looking good. :) Just a little fashion clueless. Any thoughts? Thank you!
  6. Another option to consider is the GAPS diet. You probably wouldn't need to be on it for long, but it is definitely a "reset." http://www.yummyinspirations.net/2012/11/to-gaps-or-not-to-gaps.html
  7. We are doing Our Planet Earth right now and I love it. The experiments are easy, and most involve household items. My daughters are in 1st and 4th grades. I read the "Beginner" one pager to my younger one, and then she colors or does copywork while older DD and I take turns reading aloud the longer portion of the chapter. Older DD answers the questions orally at the end. We also supplement with some other reading from AIG or similar publishers, like Life in the Great Ice Age. Two years ago, I did Our Universe with my older DD, and it was simple and easy. Just what we needed!
  8. Heart of Dakota. Early years are Bible excerpts and verse memory (Hide Em in Your Heart) and middle/upper years into faith.
  9. Jules Gluten free site has tons of recipes. http://blog.julesglutenfree.com/
  10. Sorry! We still have ours, but a friend two miles away has lost hers, and so I doubt we will last much longer. Downed trees on power lines....ugh. Stay warm and safe!
  11. We were at Magic Kingdom a few weeks ago and brought in food. We had picnic lunches on Tom Sawyer's island! We only at one meal at the park, and when I mentioned food allergy, the server got the chef immediately, and he showed me what DD and I could eat and what we shouldn't. Also, your sister probably already knows this, but for her son with special needs, you can go to Guest Services and request a Guest Assistance Pass for your trip. She would need to state what his special needs are, but the pass helped us greatly with our son who has mobility and sensory issues. Have a good trip! Gwen
  12. Have you tried GoPicnic meals? They are like shelf-stable lunchable-type foods. They have regular, gluten-free, and vegan options. Not that you would want to eat these a lot, but it would be a change of pace. http://www.gopicnic.com/
  13. Though I live a bit more west now, I lived in Williamsburg for several years and loved day trips to the beach and peninsula. Yes, the tunnels are terrible choke points (especially at rush hour and during the summer when people are heading to the beach on weekends). But if you live on the same side of the tunnel as you work, you should be fine. York County Schools are better than the others there, but homeschooling is alive and well and quite easy to do in VA. There are two main homeschooling groups in VA -- HEAV and Organization of Virginia Homeschoolers. There is a University Model School in VA Beach, Oaktree Academy. Good luck with your move!
  14. Wow! Those are expensive -- and they have an automatic rebill. Most Paleo or Primal books or blogs I've read specifically mention using real food as much as possible. I'm not strictly Paleo, so I can't speak for this though. (I am gluten-free, though.) I use Melaleuca products and am very happy with them. They have protein shake mix, vitamins, etc., and are quite reasonable in price.
  15. We did last night in our rooms, but tonight we may move into the living room. It has two windows but a porch in front, which should offer protection; plus, the trees near it are smaller. Living room also has a fireplace for warmth, as we tend to lose power. In my part of VA, we've already had Hurricane Irene and a tornado rip through within a mile of my house. Hoping that this storm is less than predicted. But we have plenty of supplies to ride out the storm, and our next door neighbor has a basement and a generator if we need to head over there. My parents are on the bay and already can't see their dock. Wish they had come here!
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