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Child is pulling eyelashes out. Do you have any experience with this?

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I am beside myself watching beautiful lush eyelashes turn to nothing. I am aware that this might be stress induced, etc. Have you gone through this? Has it required medical intervention?


I would consult with your pediatrician immediately. You don't say how old the child is, but you want to jump on this behavior while it's new.


I have a friend whose child was a hair-puller when she was a toddler, and they were able to successfully get her to stop.

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My niece had this problem but it was with pulling her hair. She did it from a very young age and it was stress induced. When she was about 8, she became very sick and the doctors could not figure out what was wrong with her. She was in the hospital for a week, unable to hold any food down and then transferred to another hospital, where they finally figured out that she had a huge hairball in her stomach. She had surgery to have it removed.


She never had therapy, but the stress (my sister's now ex-husband) was removed and she stopped the behavior. For her, I think she was partially able to stop because she remembered how awful it was to be so sick, but if my sister hadn't divorced her ex, there is a high probability she would have started again.


Someone else posted the name for it and it is supposed to be quite rare. There was only one doctor in our area that we could find who was experienced with working with children with this problem, but, in my niece's case, since making her aware of the problem and then removing the stress stopped the behavior, my sister has not had to get her into therapy. It has been a couple of years since her surgery and she is doing very well.



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Yes! My dd6 does this. See my thread from about 6 months ago.


She still has no top eyelashes but the bottom ones have grown in.


I called the doctor who said to keep an eye on her and if I felt she needed therapy, he would refer a play therapist for her.


I am going to call the Dr. back and see if this has gone on long enough... BUT she seems so non-anxious about it that I think it is just a bad habit.

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