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  1. I tried AAS with my son 2 years ago (3rd) and it was SO frustrating for him. Between the rules, moving the tiles on the board and spelling orally, he went to pieces. 15 minutes may not sound like a long time, but to a child who struggles with spelling it's an eternity. Personally, I felt like it was too much work, so with a baby on the way making 7, you might want to find something different. My son has mild dyslexia and dysgraphia and he learned to spell extremely well using BJU spelling. I was really impressed. I've never been a huge fan of workbooks (I guess I don't feel like I am teaching)
  2. I'm wondering if anyone has experience using this curriculum. No official diagnosis yet on dyslexia of any sort, but my son does exhibit various LLD's. I'm in the processing of getting an evaluation from a neuro-psych. TIA:)
  3. Is anyone using it or has anyone used it and stopped? Checking out a couple of different options for next year, although I'm not keen on "computer" schooling. I understand Calvert allows more flexibility than an online public school like k-12 in regards to scheduling assignments, assigning assignments etc. Thoughts? Opinions? TIA :001_smile:
  4. Thank you SO much ladies! I called our county ESD today to find out if they offered OT and am waiting for someone to get back with me. We have been using AAS this year (still on level 1) and so far so good. My son does really well with remembering the rules it teaches and it has really helped his reading (which didn't take off until this year-3rd grade). We have done spelling orally most of this year which is obviously so much better for him. I have also been scribing for Math and English He does his math in his head, but I know he will eventually need to write the steps once he gets in highe
  5. How would you have him develop HW automatically. He mixes capitals and lowercase, starts letters from the bottom and doesn't remember to space words. Should I get him something like HWWT and have him do it periodically? Do you have a typing program you recommend?
  6. My 3rd grade son fits this to a "T". I've looked online at different programs, books, tips, etc., but would like to hear from homeschoolers that actually have a child with dysgpraphia. What has worked for you? Should I get a typing program? Is it OK to let him do math in his head (which he prefers) and write for him? Is letting him spell orally OK? Or doing spelling online? Any advice, tips you can offer would be awesome!!!
  7. I've looked into these as well. I've read the reviews on Amazon and this lady has some good points about it not be age appropriate for younger kids and how it may be a bit confusing for girls since it's written from Father to Son. However, the text she quotes is awfully corny and I cannot imagine reading it to my kids-I'd start laughing. Copied from Amazon: By LLH "Lindsay Loo Hoo" (Anchorage, AK) - See all my reviews Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?) This review is from: The Story of Me (Paperback) First, I have a little girl. The story is told from a father to a son and so
  8. Just wait until he is ready. No need to rush-he will get it in his own time. 4 is pretty young IMHO.
  9. Another vote for Right Start. The games in Ruth Beechick's The Three R's are great too.
  10. :lurk5:I'm having the same issue with my DD age 10.
  11. Funny, I just signed on looking for the same thing:lol: I'd love to know if it's still around as well.
  12. I don't know if you follow a certain teaching method (altho, this works for any), but I highly recommend All-Day Charlotte Mason Seminar and Planning your Charlotte Mason Education. These are fabulous resources for doing things your way and putting things together for your childrens individual needs.
  13. Well, this has been very educational for me! I've never even considered providential teaching in homeschooling materials as something I might want to look out for. Or YE for that matter-altho, we are YE believers.
  14. Thank you everyone!! I'm sorry I haven't replied sooner, but I am not getting reply notifications:glare: You have given me a lot to think about. :)
  15. I'd love to hear thoughts from current MP users or those who have used it. Pros, Cons, anything. Thanks:)
  16. We are going to do some school during the summer to stay fresh on the 3 R's. Any resources you can reccommend would be great. I prefer not use online resources or something where I need to print. But I am willing to compromise for something really fabulous. Thanks!
  17. Thank you all for the responses so far! (Why do I only get one notification when there are multiple posts)? Well, I'm not sure where to look for other choices. I need something that comes with a schedule-I tried making my own this year and it's just doesn't work for me. I don't like piecing together materials either. I have tried this for the last couple of years and it was a major fail. I will be doing two separate programs this year even tho my children are close in age. I've tried FIAR, HOD, MFW, SL (years ago), SOTW, WWE, FLL, SWO all in the last two years:001_huh: I was concern
  18. :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol: I love this! I don't know to much about Sarita's wacko agendas or weirdo charities. Guess I need to look into this.
  19. Yes, we used ECC at the beginning of the year. It was not a good fit for us sadly-I know many people love it.
  20. Has anyone her used SL and then switched to WP? Or done the opposite? Every year I almost order SL, but end up going with something else. This is based solely on not liking Core 1 five years ago. :blink: I was told to order if for my DD when she was a 1st grader and what she really needed was Core K. Plus it was my first year homeschooling and I had NO idea what I was doing. However, WP looks more "fun" but I have never used it before (looking at AS2 and Amercian Culture), so I have no clue. We are eclectic, so I'm not looking for one specific style of program. And I understand SL a
  21. Carrie, is the email in your signature yours? I was going to email you instead of PM.
  22. Do parents stay during classes? And do your children have to do Essentials?
  23. I looked at the website, but can't quite get a clear picture of what classes are available. My son would fit into Foundations, but my DD would fit there and Essentials. I see Grammar is offered for Foundations, but then the book store sells curriculum for other subjects. I'm lost:001_huh: I'd like to also hear pros and cons of the program if you don't mind sharing:)
  24. It depends on your views. Some believe #1 and point to scripture to prove it. Others believe #2 and point to scripture to prove it. If you support #2, the a child is not living until it has taken it's first breath. Thereby terminating it is not killing a living being.
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