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IEW's Theme Based Writing TM?

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If finances are an issue, you could probably get by with just the student manual.

However, in the TM they provide examples of the 3 word outline for each paragraph, and in the brainstorming pages they provide a good list of examples.

But if you know how the program works, you can get by without it.

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I have TWSS and I've used SWI-B with our son. I'd like to get Medieval Writing to go along with what we're currently doing. My question is this: Do I need the teacher manual and/or would it be useful for me to have the teacher's manual?





If you go on the IEW families yahoo group there is a lessonshare file with a Medieval writing lesson. You can look at it and see if you think you can teach it w/o the TM. (I never used it so I can't give specific answer. Sorry.)

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My DS did SWI-B and is now doing the Ancients theme book. I have the Ancients teacher book but haven't needed to crack it open even once - although I did check to make sure I wasn't missing anything, and I wasn't. If you've read Blended Structure & Style you probably understand the program even better than I do after doing SWI-B, so I think you'd find the Ancients teacher book unnecessary.

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Anyone else have an opinion on this? FWIW, I have not used IEW before, only read through the Blended Structure and Style in Composition book (aka TWSS in book form). I would be using the Ancient History theme with a 6th grader.



If you feel confident, I think you could get by without TM. I like the TM since it had examples of what student's answers should look like. We used US History with CC Essentials. I also saw the TWSS and I still liked having TM.

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What are your thoughts on BSSinC?



It is not the most "user-friendly" book and I can understand why IEW decided to put together the DVD's and such. If I wasn't already familiar with WWS and Paragraph Writing Made Easy I think I'd have difficulty figuring out how to use BSSinC. But a lot of the methodology seems fairly similar to WWS and PWME.


I got it because I like the looks of the theme units and eventually Windows to the World. I didn't want to try doing those without having a reference guide to the IEW method.


Also, writing is probably the topic that I'm the most insecure about teaching (hence all the various programs sitting on my shelf). I know what I want the end result to look like by the time my kids are H.S. upperclassmen, it's the getting from here to there that's the tricky part.

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