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I made chicken curry yesterday ALL BY MYSELF

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My ahma taught me how to do it the traditional Indian style. :D And let me tell ya, she is a slave-driver when giving cooking lessons! "No, must cut like this lah..."


It turned out perfectly and I was so excited as my ethnic cooking experience goes about as far as tacos.


Yeah me! :tongue_smilie:


OK, sorry for the interruption.... :lol:

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Heather, Can you please share the recipe with us?:001_smile:


Well, I have to ask her the name of the particular things she uses for the curry spice. We bought it at the market and they did not speak english. :tongue_smilie:


What I do know....


5 cloves of garlic

half an onion

a big chunk of ginger


throw those in the blender until smooth

put some oil in a deep pan (I used a wok)

pour in the mixture and stir it around until it starts to brown

then add chunks of chicken (I used 4 boneless chicken breasts cut into chunks)

add in a few tomatoes cut into wedges (I think there were about 3 or 4)

add in a few potatoes that are peeled and cut into chunks (3 or 4)

mix it all up


in a bowl mix chili powder (some special indian kind...I'll get the name)

and curry seasoning (ditto)

and about 2 cups of hot water


pour this over the chicken, etc. then let the whole thing cook until the chicken and potatoes are done (maybe 20 minutes?)


Sorry. She doesn't read or write so I don't actually have a written recipe and I am trying to type this from memory. I will check with her to make sure this is correct. :D

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