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  1. Time Left: 7 days and 1 hour

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    Singapore Math Standard edition Textbooks 4A, 4B - Used Both workbooks are gently used with minimal to no markings. selling the set for $30 + shipping I take paypal.


  2. Time Left: 7 days and 13 minutes

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    Singapore Mathematics - Standards edition (Used) 5A - Textbook 5B- Textbook Both books are gently used, no highlights, minimal markings. Almost in new condition except cover creases I take paypal.


    - US

  3. Time Left: 7 days and 13 minutes

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    Singapore Mathematics - Standards edition (Used) - $30 both books 6A - Textbook 6B- Textbook Both books are gently used, no highlights, minimal markings. Almost in new condition except cover creases


  4. Time Left: 6 days and 12 hours

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    Saxon Math 8/7 with PreAlgebra Brand new Student textbook and Tests/Worksheets. No marks, no highlights in Student manual, 4 drill sheets missing in Test workbook (pages12-16) We wanted to try out Saxon and this one seems too easy for my DD. perhaps we need to bump up to Algebra. Price is inclusive of shipping cost.


    Burlingame, California - US

  5. Time Left: 9 days and 16 hours

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    Hello, I have CLE answer keys for various grades: CLE LA Answer key 301-305, 306-310 - Selling the set for $5 CLE LA Answer key 401-405, 406-410 - - Selling the set for $5 CLE LA Answer key 501-505, 506-510 - - Selling the set for $5 CLE LA Answer key 601-605, 606-610 - - Selling the set for $5 CLE LA Answer key 701-705, 706-710 - - Selling the set for $5 CLE Teachers guide Grade 4 - Selling for $5 If anyone wants to buy all of the above, I can sell all for $25 ppd (media mail) I take paypal only.


  6. navneet_20us


    Time Left: 9 days and 13 hours

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    Gently used Flashmaster, to teach basic Math FACTS to kids. For truly mastering ADDITION, SUBTRACTION, MULTIPLICATION, & DIVISION math facts. As few as 10 minutes of practice per day are required of student. Make an offer!


  7. I just saw there is an online summer program as well, Any idea which would be a better ?
  8. Hi, I was looking for online wordly wise program, but looks like its only for either homeschoolers or for group of students <25 . Can I not enroll my child individually if I am not a homescooler ?
  9. Short Sales takes FOREVER...to materialise ( around 6 months- 1 year) very painful process, to go through.. but its worth a try, if you are not in rush to buy, dont be optimistic for the house, and dont put your sentiments into it..You will be lucky if it materialises.. if not move on... We bought ours as Short sale, it took 6 months of waiting and patience, but was worthwhile:001_smile:. We paid 50k under asking price, and got the house whose market value was 200k higher than what we got:001_smile:
  10. Just checked the other site.. looks like its from Australia, Money and coins are australian..(or can they be converted to US coins.. not sure) Looks interesting, but I think IXL is straight forward and easy to navigate.Try the trial version of both with your kids, and see what they like?
  11. IXL is a great resource and very interesting website. Kids love it. And first 20 problems are free to try and find the site, if its a best for for your kids or not.( And I think its by Maria Miler , the same author of MM books) Not sure about the other one you asked.
  12. Is this all not confusing.. I mean depending how an individual pronounces..will elect if its long or short vowel.. Is there no standard norm??
  13. As I read on Homeschooling threads, They take up SOTW lessons ( for history), taking up different topics of science at home, analysing facts about them , experimenting.. SHould I be worried if my ds is learning all this at school...or I need to step in ?? After reading Hoemschooling threads, it feels we are studying nothing.:confused:
  14. Hello Hives, My DS(8) is in 2nd grade in PS, we practice some Math and Language everyday aside from the daily homework given from his school. Just wondering, since we never receive science/social studies books at home, should I be worrying about teaching these subjects at home too?? Or should I leave these subjects solely at PS and teachers..?? What do afterschooling moms generally teach - just maths/language??? or science/history too??
  15. :iagree::iagree:Beach is a beach, while you know what Hooters is famous for...
  16. I agree Practice will eventually help them memorise, BUT, in PS where my son goes (2nd garder) they administer Timed drills, they have to answer atleast 30 out of 50, in 1 Minute. For which they have to memorise their facts.. I hate it though..Kids should have their concepts clear , not sure why they are advocating memorisation of Add/Subtract facts ..:confused:
  17. CAn anyone, please share the receipe for wet version of LAundry Detergent, and is it good to be used in FL HE machines??
  18. Thank you for sharing this!!:001_smile: I successfully got in , after several error pages.. I hope too many people hitting the servers at one time.. Keep trying off and on.. you will get it.
  19. Thanks for the eye opening information! I will try using water and vinegar ( I hope its the usual vinegar we add in salads??) and also look for Orange Glo( can I buy this only Online??) Thanks for your time ladies!
  20. Yet another question, how you guys clean wooden floors, with three kids in house , racing their trucks and cars on floor.. how you keep it scratchless and maintain its shine?? I am using Murphy oil soap and it give it a good mop twice a week, but its not that shinning or clean as I want.. Do you use any special Steam machine ( I saw one at Bed, bath ) and any special wood cleaners??
  21. :iagree: For the initial days, I literally sat in front of machine for entire cycle, just to see how much water did it take.. I was rather horrified to see,it only took water just to wet the clothes.. and clothes kept moving on their own without any additiona water....I thought something was wrong with my machine, called the technician.. and he said, this is how its supposed to work..well, I am not happy...with such minimal water..!
  22. OK, some are happy , some are not. Ours is GE, and spent a whole lot on FL, thinking it will save on our water bill, but it takes longer to complete the cycle, clothes comes out not so clean ( we use All HE), and yes, that moldy rubber thing.. I wipe under rubber and keep doors open after washing, but Am I skeptical, I still smell something not so fresh....:glare: Given second option, I won't buy FLs, for now, since I am stuck , will try changing to Tide HE, and putting smaller loads.. Also, I read earlier on these forums how to make laundry detergent at home.. I hope they are not for HE FL washers!
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