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Caring for spayed/neutered cats

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Look at it this way, she will never have cramps :)

Seriously female cats are miserable when in heat, just pathetic. They don't settle down until they breed, and then once they have kittens they go right back into heat again. You did her a favor, I promise. Unless you were going to breed her over and over she would have been miserable.


They will both be fine. I work for a vet that does a lot of rescue, and we often spay and neuter feral colonies. The cats are back out hunting hours after surgery! The male surgery doesn't even involve sutures, the incicions are so tiny! Just let them have some love and a soft place to lay and they will be fine.

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I had 6 done at a time this summer, boys and girls, and once the anesthesia wore off, they were outside climbing trees and running around like nothing had happened. They say to try to keep them quiet (which is a joke if they are kittens). They will be fine. :)

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we had our latest kitten spayed on Mon. thatnight my dc felt so bad that Cali was stumbling around (she couldn't use her back legs and was pulling herself around with her front legs). We kept her in a cage that night so the other cats would not mess with her and also to keep her away from food. Went I let her out the next morning at 6 am, she started running around the house and chasing the other cats and she has been fine since. We did feel bad when she coul not use her back legs but it is a necessary surgery and they do heal up pretty quickly.

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