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What brand pants are cut for full figured teens?

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I might be able to help, since I have a dd who fits this description.

Does your dd have a tiny waist so that if jeans fit on the hips they gap at the waist, or just a proportionate to her hips, not overweight waist?


Do you want jeans or pants, dress or casual?


Do you have a specific price range in mind? e.g. JC Penney vs. The Gap?


It sounds like she prefers boot cut jeans. Is she interested in straight legs (not skinny jeans) at all? My similarly shaped dd really likes straights, and they don't accentuate her curviness.



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This described me to a T (and still does!) and it took me quite a bit of searching to find a good reliable brand that fits my little waist and big hips with no gaps and a flattering look. Old Navy--not good at all. All of their cuts are too narrow in the hips. They aren't curvy enough. Teen sizes (odd sizes) are a no go. Women's sizes (even numbers) are the way to go. My ending winner--Gap Boot Cut stretch. Have fun shopping!

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We carry our weight in our hips and thighs...


Lee brand jeans have been great for us. I purchase from JC Penny, Kohls or at our outlet mall. We LOVE the ones with the 'comfort waistband', slighlty below waist-- no gaping!! The ones with the side elastic are also great-- roomy thighs without being baggy... You can order directly from Lee.com

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