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New to Netflix and needing suggestions!


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Yes, streaming is way cool! Nothing like instant gratification. Great for rainy days. :D

Definitely Liberty's Kids and Beakman's World (both instant)


There are also some BBC documentaries that are worth a watch...The Life of Animals and the Life of Birds. Also, do a search for PBS documentaries, there are quite a few good ones. The Riddles of the Sphinx is one my DS enjoyed. National Geographic has some great documentaries as well, we watched a good one on King Tut. (OK, we do have a bit of an Egypt thing going, but that is what we were recently studying in the SOTW :D) You may want to watch the documentaries ahead of time to make you feel more comfortable with your DD watching them. I haven't come across anything that I didn't feel was appropriate for my DS, but YMMV.


A great one for art appreciation is Linnea in Monet's Garden. Have you read the book? Good stuff.


I'll be watching this thread, always looking for things to add to the queue. :bigear:

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we have instant streaming and we love national geographic programs. I have found quite a few programs that include 3 and 4 part series with a variety of subjects. I give my kids 1-2 visual aids on net flix or as a dvd from the library. from the library (because i can't find it on netflix yet) is of course Bill Nye and The Way things work the latter have 13 minute programs. the net flix programs tend to be greater than 22 minutes so I use them when I need to rest. my 8 yo ends up falling asleep with some of them but if I pick the right ones at the right times he can stay awake for the whole 1 with discussion. D9 loves them a lot and will watch them on her own. hth :)

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