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  1. DS is very capable of reading and understanding literature well above his age/grade level. the problem i face is he doesn't want to read unless it has something to do with sports. he was doing FLL for grammar and such but i switched him to MCT for literature and grammar. he hates it. we still use Caesar's english because i really like what we are doing but i feel like i should return to a more formal grammar and literature program. he is 10. is there anything out there that gets the job done sort of like FLL but for high ability kids?
  2. i just checked and there are 11 pages! lol, not 4 or 5 :D
  3. theres a hyperlink to a pdf. on the ignohsi@home page. i think it is like 4 or 5 pages. i could be wrong. i think i will just get the family membership. i emailed about overdue items for books i would want to keep for more than 5 months and they said as long as they were notified it isnt a problem.
  4. So I am getting my curriculum together for next year and I stumbled upon this site called Ignohsi.com Its says it is an online book borrowing site for home school text books. It looks pretty cool but I have never heard of it before. Any reviews? I saw some books I would like to borrow since there is a wide range of subjects/books. Just wondering if anyone else had any experience. :lurk5::bigear:
  5. What have you found? Does it enhance your education or hinder it? I am seriously thinking about getting either ipads or (more economically) used mac laptops for my kids to use. as i plan next year i feel like i will be using quite a few online classes. right now we have one computer in the house. what do you guys think? is this opening the door to problems? TIA
  6. I just discovered Joy Hakim's History of US. I did SOTW and MBTP. Her's looks great. I like the PBS.org integration as well.
  7. same here...i kinda feel like i missed something all those years:confused:
  8. i don't know! i am so fed up with them. i am *trying to respect them tho. :glare:
  9. i don't know if this counts but i really like how to teach so your kids can learn. by Adele Farber. it isn't a teaching book but it really helps me to keep control of my kiddoes for the most part. not being a trained teacher i like that the authors give you practical advice for speaking to children.
  10. :D Yea, at first i was like "okay things are a bit weird but maybe its because this is a new experience" now I just want out! i want them to finish though, it will give me time to plan. i also HATE the idea of starting something i don't finish. i just hope it doesn't kill esp DD's spirit in the mean time. Its funny because this evening both kids got in trouble and were sent to bed. it was like 6 though so i presumed they would just come out of time out in like 20 minutes. it has been a long day and baby was crying as they were arguing so i was overwhelmed. well DS didn't wake up until 9, he was mad at me for not waking him saying that sleep is not as important as school work! then he wanted to know why school had to be so early so often. i just chuckled to myself. i am 99% sure they will be home next year!
  11. DD is not doing great. academically she is doing fine. i even pushed and finally got her in the enrichment classes. but i am concerned about all the "other" things she is learning from the kids. she also tends to get in trouble for things she can not control for example last week i gave birth. we let her come home to witness the birth and of course all night long she and everyone else was up admiring the new baby. her teacher asked her if she was the one who gave birth the next day at school since she did not have some work turned in :confused: she also was referred to this "friendship club" because her teacher felt as though she "acted like a know it all" and the other kids in her class weren't appreciating it. well, in a school of over 600 kids only two are in this "club" both of which come from the same classroom. it's strange. DS has asked to come back home, he is actually learning new stuff , i just wonder whether he is really being challenged. i don't know. i also started reading this book called guerrilla learning and i wonder how useful the stuff they are learning will be to their future....
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