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  1. I have had acne since the age of 11 and have tried it all; Retin A, hormone pills, Proactive, diet change (taking things out, putting others in), antibiotics, facewashes etc. Everything works for a short while, but nothing has worked long term. The last 3 months I have tried a new route, all natural cleansers and my skin is looking much better than it has for a long time. Granted, I have only been doing it for 3 months, but so far I like the results and I am hopeful that it will work for some time. Some of the causes of acne, cystic or otherwise are: 1. Overactive oil glands. 2. Excess dead skin cells that clog pores. 3. Bacteria on the skin. I do the following to help combat the above naturally: OCM – Oil Cleansing Method helps to reduce the amount of oil the skin makes. It sounds crazy, but by adding oil to your skin (the right oil), you stop the skin from over producing oil. Store bought cleansers strip the oil from the skin and the skin automatically produces more to compensate. By using the right oils on your skin, you bring the oil production down. That is number 1 taken care of on the above list. I do the OCM at night time. In the mornings I take care of number 2 and 3 on the list. I exfoliate my skin with baking soda. A teaspoon on my hands and, I wet it in the shower and scrub lightly all over my face and neck where I have acne. This removes the oil from last night as well as the dead skin cells and bacteria build up. That is 2 and 3 taken care of. After I wash my face, I use Witch Hazel as an astringent. This helps to retain the skins moisture and it closes the pores. I have naturally oily skin. I use no extra moisturizers. Even sunscreen is a “no-no†for me. Hats are my best friends in the sun especially since I live in South Florida. My method might not work for those with less oily skin, but if you read up on the OCM, you will see how you can adjust the oils to suit each skin type. I use 1 part Jojoba oil and 2 parts Castor oil. Along with the above, I also do plenty of water and mostly a whole food diet to help things from within. ETA: I forgot to mention, I use Teatree oil on my pimples as they appear. This helps to dry them up and is both an anitseptic and anti-bacterial. This helps with number 3 on the list.
  2. Does anyone know of an internet forum for Florida homeschoolers? All inclusive, not attached to any curriculum, religion etc. I would love to find a forum where local HS'er talk and discuss issues, plan field trips, park days and so on, both on a state level and smaller county groups. If I do not find one, I may consider starting one myself. I am finding the local groups so attached to one curriculum, philosophy or even excluding certain ages.
  3. This is probably a silly question, but here goes... We are moving from Hillsborough County to Broward County. Do I have to send a notification to Hillsborough that I am closing our homeschool and send Broward a Notice of Intent to open a homeschool? I have called the county office and left a message, but I figured one of you ladies may have done it before and can let me know. TIA
  4. We are moving from Hillsborough county to Broward county on Sunday.
  5. Thanks for starting this group. It was a great idea.

  6. I love your Avatar. I am an Eloise nut!

  7. I love the idea of a scarecrow for Fall! What a creative way to incorporate so many lessons into one project! :hurray:

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