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Happy Christmas Everyone!

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My sister and nephew stayed over last night and my nephew (three year old) woke up at 3 am, crying. Right next door to my room. Then I couldn't get back to sleep. So yeah, my day got off to a much earlier start than I wanted it to. We open gifts at 7, in 50 minutes. :)

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Merry Christmas!


I am sleep-typing while waiting for DS1 to come downstairs. DH is the one who is about to have a cow! He's been yammering since 8:30 for everyone to get up. I said wait until 10 (which my teens would have heartily endorsed), but no.


I haven't had my coffee yet. He is saying, "Ho, Ho, Ho."


DS1 must be on strike. He's the only one of us with any guts. :D

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