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  1. The son in 10th grade was held back in public school so he's going to graduate when he is 19. Two of my older kids graduated at 19 and both were glad because they told me they weren't ready for entertaining the military and going to college. None of our kids have gone to college right after high school for various reasons and it was the best thing. They may very well finish in August instead of December, but I don't believe that it really matters. My older kids would tell you that it didn't matter to them and I've discussed this with my boys and they have agreed. I talked to my 10th grader about getting his work done sooner so he can graduate when he turns 18, but it's his choice not to push to get it done. We also know from talking with the Airforce recruiters, with my other 2 sons, that they like to see them older than 18 when entering the military because they aren't mature enough for that kind of life and responsibility. I have told the boys that they can finish by August and start the new grade's work in September or continue working at a slower pace and getting done in December. I can push and try to get them to work faster but really it's up to them how quickly they work. I know, from raising my other 5 kids and watching them, that 18 and right out of high school isn't the wisest thing for a lot of kids. I graduated at 17 and I wasn't close to being ready for the adult world. I've said this before, all kids aren't the same and just as we know that one way of learning isn't right for all kids, graduating at 17/18 isn't right or wise for all kids.
  2. Yes! I don't have a problem graduating them in December and they don't care, so I agree with you. January thru December seemed more sensible than August thru May or August thru July. I have them combined in a few subjects and it is much easier. I'm going to present my plan about doing year round from January thru December and then making a schedule based off of that and how they need to work to get there. I think that a little grace goes a long way and our family has been in need of just a little this year. We have no family or friends to support us, so that's made it extra hard. I guess I also need to quit worrying about other's approval and just do what's right for our family.
  3. Thanks! Yes, I've gone back and since they have done more work since Thanksgiving, I've counted those days also. I will promote them in the fall, now that I've read a few posts and looked to see that they can get it done easily by then. My oldest had done extra credits last year, which gave him a leg up this year. My youngest was already going to do more than he needed to this year, so he should be fine too.
  4. I've been homeschooling for over 18 years and we have always schooled thru the summer. We don't take vacations, do camps, or much in the summer that has prevented us from schooling thru the summer. I guess it feels like starting over but it isn't really. They have done some things since Thanksgiving and my oldest had done extra things last year, so in some ways he's ahead of the game. Yes, they have come to me but there have been days that I just couldn't even talk, been in a bright room, or around a lot of noise. I really just wondered if anyone had changed up things and decided to school Jan thru Dec. The boys will more than likely finish their work for this year anywhere from August to Sept. Putting them in public school isn't even an option and that's a long story in itself that I won't get into here. I've had many years like this because I've dealt with illness for over 20 years, but this is the first year that I decided to change up our year round schedule to January thru December.
  5. Thanks. I guess that really it's not as bad as I may make it sound. They have done a few things between Thanksgiving and now so we aren't too behind. I would absolutely not have them do the GED, like you said. My oldest did extra things last year so he's actually ahead this year. My hubby and oldest son said that they would help when I needed it so it wasn't all on me. Thanks for the encouragement.
  6. No, that's fine. I asked myself that question 3 years ago when my back issues got so bad I was bedridden. We do have things in place to keep us plugging along and my hubby has been a great help but this fall was brutal in many ways. I've had several people at church who have told me that whatever education I can give them at home is much better than what they would get in the schools; one of those is a teacher. I am getting them hooked up with some online stuff that they can do on days if my pain is too bad or my husband and oldest son said they would help so it doesn't just fall on me.
  7. I've kept us on track for 3 years so I'm not worried about that at all. I could still get done by August but had decided to school thru December and probably promote in Aug/Sept, but take more time off Nov and Dec then in the summer since we don't take trips and we have no family friends around us.
  8. I am homeschooling our youngest 2, who are doing 9th and 10th grade work. We began our school year September 12th and I was planning to be done the end of June, but circumstances have caused me to fail miserably. We did really well the first 3 weeks, with just a few hiccups here and there. The problems began in our 4th week, when I had a couple of bad pain days and couldn't do much with them in the subjects that I was leading. I asked them to continue on in the other things they could do alone, but one son has issues with staying on task and some days he wouldn't do anything. Yes, I did discipline him and he has been doing much better the last several years but still I can't expect them just to teach themselves. Anyway, we waded thru weeks 4-6 and after that we did our best until the week of Thanksgiving. I got all of their work together and realised that we only got a good 30 days in that I felt I could count towards our total days required. It's not just my chronic pain and illness but we had personal family issues going on plus we were appealing again for insurance to approve the surgery I've needed for 3 years. Honestly, I dropped the ball and just couldn't get it together again. I made the decision to re-start our year January 2nd, 2017 and plan on our year running until Dec but hopefully being done by Thanksgiving. I've read the posts about schooling from Jan thru Dec and this would work well for us since we don't do anything during the summer and can school during then. This seems like a good choice for us but I've got a few questions. If you do this, do you promote your kids the next January or earlier? Since my boys are in high school, doing this schedule means they won't graduate until Dec versus May. Do you think this will be a bad thing? Has anyone else graduated later? I don't see it as a huge deal for us because both of my boys want to go into the military like 2 of their older brothers. I'm just needing some feedback and encouragement right now. My surgery was denied but my pain is a bit better controlled so I hope to not have this happen again.
  9. Gotcha. They are placed in different spots, sometimes the back, side, or closer to the front. Many are placed on the back right above the waist and about 2-3 inches from the spine. Because of how sensitive my lower back is my surgeon is going to place mine around on my side above my waist a couple of inches so my underwear doesn't rub on it.
  10. Yes. My spinal surgeon will put it in and he already knows I can't have anything touching my lower back or around there. He's already discussed that he will place it on my left side up high above my waist. I have a hard time wearing underwear so he's pretty sensitive to where to place it. It will not be on my back like others are due to my diagnosis.
  11. My spine surgeon has called my pain doctor and wants me to be considered for a morphine pump. I'm taking Morphine ER 60mg 2 times a day and oxycodone 10mg 3 times a day. My surgeon wants me on a pump because I won't be taking as much narcotic pain meds per day since its going directly into the spinal canal. By doing this, once I get surgery (whenever that will be) then it won't be as difficult for me to come off the pain meds, because I've been on them fairly consistently since 2005. I'm seeing my pain dr tomorrow for my every other month check up and to get my scripts plus now, to talk to him about getting a morphine pump. He gave me the info and a DVD to watch 2 months ago, at my last appt, when I had asked about this so I know a little about them. I know the first step is getting an evaluation done by a psychologist and then a trial is done before putting in the pump permanently. I'm just not sure what else to ask. Is there anything else I need to know? If you had one, what was your opinion of it? Did it give you much more pain relief? I'm hoping that my pain can got from a 7-8 daily to a 4-5.
  12. True worshipers of Satan aren't part of the satanic temple. GEESH!!! I grew up in a multigenerational satanic cult. We would never come out publicly to have some kind of school club. That's just a joke honestly. Kids and groups who get together saying they worship Satan are also just messing around, though if not careful could invite something very bad they don't want around. But, I can tell you that true satanic worshipers and those that are parts of the bigger group aren't out soliciting members. I wish people would shut their mouth when they know nothing about what they are writing. I'm no longer part of the cult but it's not been that long and I'm definitely glad to be out.
  13. I hear ya. I'm not able to walk and I'm supposed to stay down all day but then dinner doesn't get done. So, I pull my wheelchair up to my bed get in and wheel myself to the kitchen. It usually takes me 2 hours to get a meal made and that's with help. It's difficult to maneuver my wheelchair in the kitchen much less have someone else helping me too. By the time I'm done, I'm soaked in sweat and in so much pain that the dinner I just made looks very unappealing to me so I end up not eating and back in bed asleep within an hour. Let's not even discuss kitchen clean up which happens only if I scream about it. Oh, did I mention I'm disabled and not supposed to sit upright more than an hour per day?
  14. My daughter has done house/dog sitting for 8 years. Sometimes there are pets and other times there are not. Most people have the same parameters that you do and she is paid $10-20 per day. She is so well known and does such a great job that she's booked up for summer by April and holidays are booked months in advance.
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