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    Roman Roads Media's Old Western Culture: The Greeks DVD set of 4 $110 plus postage (insurance encouraged at buyers expense) The Epics Drama and Lyric The Histories The Philosophers All dvds are in brand new condition, with Drama and Lyrics plus The Histories being unopened. The complete set brand new costs $226. I am asking $110 plus postage, which I will add after finding out your zip. I only accept money orders or PayPal. Please email or private message me if interested. Payment needs to be received within 24hrs of saying you want it. I can only ship on Fridays. I also have several of the books that you will need for the study. Just ask and I will give you a list. If you choose to purchase the books plus the DVD set, then I can negotiate a very reasonable price. Thanks! Lisa



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    Selling all of our curriculum that we are not using to help pay for the surgery I need. I have a big lot of Magic Treehouse books that my kids have out grown. If someone wants all of them, I can offer a great price. Books bought individually are a $1.50/each for paperbacks plus media mail postage. Hardbacks bought individually are $4/each plus media mail postage. All books are in vgc. Please message me if interested. I have books 1-20, 24-28, and 36 & 37 in Paperback Books 30-34 are Hardbacks. Please see pictures attached. Thanks!! Lisa



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    I have a Myers text & workbook and other materials that would help a student prepare for the AP psychology exam. I accept Paypal. Please message or email me if you are interested in any of the materials. I will make a deal for someone who wants several items. Myers 8th edition Psychology text and workbook set vgc: $35 plus shipping Barron's AP Psychology flashcard set new: $10 plus shipping Barron's AP Psychology practice test book new: $8 plus shipping I can send pics to you if you are serious about purchasing.



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    2013 Core 200 complete with all books, Parent guides, and student guides. Guides and books are in good to vgc. I will provide pics for you, if you are a really interested in purchasing. Postage is included. Buyer is encouraged to ask for insurance at their cost, as I am not liable for shipments that get lost or damaged if the buyer didn't ask for insurance. I only accept Paypal using goods & services option. Payment is required within 24hrs of purchase confirmation. $350.00 ppd Have a blessed day!! Lisa Joy



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    I have the First Edition of the Teacher's Edition and Student Edition, which you cannot buy anymore. The student is brand new and the teacher's is used but in vgc. Many people prefer the first edition to the second edition because it has more info and is set up better. I am asking $85 plus postage for both books. They are heavy books. Paypal preferred. Please message me if you are interested. Lisa



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    Writer's Express book student handbook for grades 4-5 in vgc with normal wear on cover and spine. Hardback book. Asking 8.50ppd Purchasing and Shipping terms: PayPal payments preferred. If using a credit card or debit card, a fee of 2.9% + .30 will be added to your payment to cover my fee. If you are using funded PayPal or echeck no fee is incurred. Money orders and checks are accepted with a 5-7 day hold on checks before shipping. I am disabled and depend on my family to take items to post office to ship. Shipping is done once a week. All items are shipped media mail unless they can't be. Insurance is at the expense of the buyer and need to be requested. I only ship to the lower 48 states. Have a blessed time homeschooling your crew!!



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    I only take Paypal. Please message or email me with interest or questions. I have noted condition of books. If you want insurance please ask and I will add it to your total. Grammar Ace set: Student workbook (erased pencil on a few pages) gc, Teacher's manual gc, and School House Rock dvd vgc . $22.50ppd Wordly Wise 3000 book 9 plus Answer Key gc (erased pencil on several pages) $7.50ppd Vocabulary from Classical Roots book 5 Teacher's Guide & Answer Key vgc $9.50ppd Vocabulary from Classical Roots A Teacher's Guide & Answer Key plus Test & Key $11ppd Vocabulary from Classical Roots C Student Workbook NEW $9ppd Handwriting Without Tears 4th grade Teacher's Guide NEW $7.50ppd Handwriting Without Tears 3rd grade Teacher's Guide vgc $7.50ppd A Reason for Handwriting Transition workbook (erased pencil lessons 1-10 day 1) gc $7.50ppd----SOLD!! A Reason for Handwriting F workbook (erased pencil lessons 1-13) gc $7.50ppd



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    I only take Paypal. Condition of books is noted in post. Please feel free to ask any questions. I mail out only on Friday because I'm bedridden. If you want insurance please ask and I will add it to the price. Message or email me please if interested. Flashmaster (no instruction manual, but you don't need it) in brand new condition. $25ppd Saxon Algebra 1/2 3rd edition Hardback student book Solutions Manual Test Forms Homeschool Packet All in gc to vgc $40ppd Horizons Math 3 Teacher's Manuals (one is in a 3-ringed binder) Student workbook 2 Covers don't match but they lessons and tests do match. All in vgc $25ppd



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    Howdy! I have this set of cds in brand new condition for sale. I only take money orders or PayPal. Insurance is encouraged but extra because I won't be liable for lost packages if you didn't purchase insurance. Payment required within 24hrs of confirming purchase. Please message or email me if you are interested. Here is the description of this program from Systematic Mathematics website: Labeled Quantities 6/1 This module is intended to be the first in a series to develop the full understanding and use of fractions. There are 32 DVD lessons and 13 supplemental lessons. In this module we learn the meaning of "numerator" and "denominator", and how fractions relate to other labeled quantities. We perform all four functions (adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing) with fractions and other labeled quantities. Also, we will learn how to read a ruler, and the relationships between various labeled entities like feet and inches, ounces and pounds, etc. This module is designed for students in 6th through 8th grade who have a good grasp of addition and multiplication facts. Older students who have trouble with fractions would also benefit from this program. This module includes: 1 Data CD (printed material) 3 Lesson DVDs (32 lessons) 3 Supplemental Lessons (no video) 45 Total Lessons $38.00 - See more at: I am asking $20pod for the set of cds.



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    LOF Fractions $15 postage paid. Book is in vgc, with only the bottom right front corner of cover a little wrinkled. I accept only Paypal. Please email or private message me if you are interested. Payment due within 24hrs of saying you want the item. I can only ship on Fridays. Thanks Lisa



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    I just bought this and have looked over some things but don't think I can add it to our day. I accept PayPal or money orders Only, please don't use friends/Family option. I strongly advise you ask for insurance because I won't be liable for lost or damaged products. If you want this please email or message me. Once confirmed payment is required that day. Here is a link to the products in this package. Brand new it cost me $299 plus $10 shipping. I am asking $250pod I am willing to break up the Fix it Grammar from the set if you only want that. Message me and we can figure out a price. ALSO FEEL FREE TO MAKE REASONABLE OFFERS FOR THE SET. Here is the link: I will provide pics to you if you are seriously considering purchasing, but I am bedridden and it's difficult for me to do that now. Thanks for looking.


  12. The son in 10th grade was held back in public school so he's going to graduate when he is 19. Two of my older kids graduated at 19 and both were glad because they told me they weren't ready for entertaining the military and going to college. None of our kids have gone to college right after high school for various reasons and it was the best thing. They may very well finish in August instead of December, but I don't believe that it really matters. My older kids would tell you that it didn't matter to them and I've discussed this with my boys and they have agreed. I talked to my 10th grader about getting his work done sooner so he can graduate when he turns 18, but it's his choice not to push to get it done. We also know from talking with the Airforce recruiters, with my other 2 sons, that they like to see them older than 18 when entering the military because they aren't mature enough for that kind of life and responsibility. I have told the boys that they can finish by August and start the new grade's work in September or continue working at a slower pace and getting done in December. I can push and try to get them to work faster but really it's up to them how quickly they work. I know, from raising my other 5 kids and watching them, that 18 and right out of high school isn't the wisest thing for a lot of kids. I graduated at 17 and I wasn't close to being ready for the adult world. I've said this before, all kids aren't the same and just as we know that one way of learning isn't right for all kids, graduating at 17/18 isn't right or wise for all kids.
  13. Yes! I don't have a problem graduating them in December and they don't care, so I agree with you. January thru December seemed more sensible than August thru May or August thru July. I have them combined in a few subjects and it is much easier. I'm going to present my plan about doing year round from January thru December and then making a schedule based off of that and how they need to work to get there. I think that a little grace goes a long way and our family has been in need of just a little this year. We have no family or friends to support us, so that's made it extra hard. I guess I also need to quit worrying about other's approval and just do what's right for our family.
  14. Thanks! Yes, I've gone back and since they have done more work since Thanksgiving, I've counted those days also. I will promote them in the fall, now that I've read a few posts and looked to see that they can get it done easily by then. My oldest had done extra credits last year, which gave him a leg up this year. My youngest was already going to do more than he needed to this year, so he should be fine too.
  15. I've been homeschooling for over 18 years and we have always schooled thru the summer. We don't take vacations, do camps, or much in the summer that has prevented us from schooling thru the summer. I guess it feels like starting over but it isn't really. They have done some things since Thanksgiving and my oldest had done extra things last year, so in some ways he's ahead of the game. Yes, they have come to me but there have been days that I just couldn't even talk, been in a bright room, or around a lot of noise. I really just wondered if anyone had changed up things and decided to school Jan thru Dec. The boys will more than likely finish their work for this year anywhere from August to Sept. Putting them in public school isn't even an option and that's a long story in itself that I won't get into here. I've had many years like this because I've dealt with illness for over 20 years, but this is the first year that I decided to change up our year round schedule to January thru December.
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