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What natural remedies have you found to work for a child who might be ADD or ADHD?

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For a number of years I have been concerned about ds(13) attention to academic tasks. While homeschooling, it was easy to adjust and break tasks into smaller components to help him be successful. This year he is in public school and I wonder if his attention is hindering him.


I don't want him diagnosed and put on prescription medications so I want to attempt a natural remedy. He is definitely not ADHD, doesn't have the hyperactivity component, but his mind does tend to wander unless it is a subject he is really interested in. I find when he is doing his homework, he'll bring up a million different things or wander about the room rather than just sit and complete it.



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Protein for breakfast


Zinc supplements daily (my son took a very high dose of zinc, under doctor supervision, after testing. Remember, the "RDA" is for maintenance, not for reaching the basic levels. Sometimes a bit more is needed to get the levels up to the "RDA" maintenance level. Ask the doc for a blood test of zinc and vitamin D levels, if you can, before giving more than the RDA of zinc.)


Essential Fatty Acids (Fish oil or cod liver oil daily, for example. Cod liver oil has both vitamin d and EFAs, so it can be doubly helpful.)


B6/Magnesium daily




If the above aren't helpful enough (they may well be plenty), consider a supplement called l-tyrosine. It can increase the amount of dopamine available in the brain, which should increase focus. Be very careful with these kinds of supplements, though. Educate yourself before using them. If you use them, start with small doses and work up slowly. Too much dopamine isn't any better for him than too little.





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Eliminate artificial colors, flavors (including vanillin--artificial vanilla), and the preservatives BHT, BHA, and TBHQ. This makes a huge difference in my dd. We've been able to avoid the diagnosis/prescription medication route completely by doing this with her.

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