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  1. My dd was the lead baker. She was an angel last year. She does this with the professional group who has open auditions. She has become bff with one of the professionals. She does recreational dance for an hr and a half once a week and 30 min of ballet with a professional ballerina. It is what she at 7 says she wants to do when she grows up. We will see
  2. Sounds like the alternator to me I have had two go out on two different cars. I would call a garage and ask if they can test after going to another auto zone and getting their numbers. Good luck
  3. CPAP is the goldstandard. It will fix it 100 % of the time. Dental appliances will work for those who has a jaw issue (patients have told me that it can be painful as it realigns the jaw) Provent will work for mild apnea. There are no spray or magic potions. This has to with anatomy plain and simple. Different things work better for different people. And not all people who snore have apnea but will in their life time develop it
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