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If your house has been egged...

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If your house has been egged, how have you dealt with the perpetrators if you found out who they were. I spent over two hours this morning scrubbing down the parts of the front of our house that I could reach with a ladder and extension that had been egged. Our teens picked up all the shells and took toothbrushes to the stonework. Several eggs remain on the roof because it is raining and the shakes are too slick to walk on at this point. The good news is that it has been raining and there has been no opportunity for the egg to dry. The bad news is that I did not catch it in time to keep it from staining a 5-year-old paint job. It was about $3,000 to repaint last time.


TP my house if you must, but eggs? Same as breaking a window, only the window is cheaper to repair. Stuff like this in our area seldom stays quiet and I am sure we will know who did it in the next day or two. Have any of you talked to the parents of kids that have vandalized your house?

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In my case it was toilet paper and doorbell ditching, but yes, I talked to 3 or 4 neighborhood parents and all of them were apologetic and said they would talk to their kids (to this day, I'm not sure exactly who they were but I have a pretty good idea of who the instigator was--his name came up several times in talking to the neighbors). If it had been eggs, like Simka said, they would have had the choice of fixing the damage or having charges pressed.


A friend of ours in the neighborhood is a teacher and football coach at the local high school. His house was egged and he found out who did it and had the kid removed from the football team.

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Vandalism is just that, whatever the form. I would ask your local police department how it would be handled and if a report would be needed in case you decided to go that route. I would do the same as mentioned above, damages are repaired or charges are brought, that is often the option that the police give around here if it is a juvenile.

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