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Do you put a period after a state abbreviation?

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No...the correct way is supposed to be the 2 letter abbreviation and no punctuation.


:iagree: Many of my family members are postal workers and the proper way to abbreviate the states is just the 2 letters, also when addressing envelopes and packages you should omit any commas. Here is a snippet from the USPS website.


Delivery Address

Print clearly the delivery address parallel to the longest side of the package. Do not use commas or periods.

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I believe... many, many years ago... before automation of the USPS, that it was proper to punctuate state abbreviations with a period (Virginia = Va.)


I have letters from my grandma (who would have been 100 this year, along with letters from her school-teacher sister, who would have been 110 this year) the state abbreviations are punctuated that way.


However, today (I don't even remember which way I was taught, but I do have a vague recollection of writing San Jose, Ca. 95131...) it is proper to write VA, CA (all uppercase).


Of course, the USPS would prefer all addresses be sans punctuation... in all caps, typed ...

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There are two kinds of abbreviations: the ones that you use when you mail/ship something and the traditional abbreviations that should be used everywhere else.


When you mail/ship, everything should be all caps, abbreviations as much as possible (including two letters for the state), and no punctuation.


Any other time that you abbreviate a state, it should be the traditional abbreviation, including punctuation.


Not that anyone does this any more, lol, but it is correct.

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I actually remember when it was the first four letters with the first capitalized and then followed with a period just like any other abbreviation, then the transition to just two letters with the first capitalized and a period at the end, to the current practice of just two capital letters with no punctuation. Yeah, I'm that old. :001_smile:

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