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Newbie Needs Advice Please

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Hi Everyone! I have been told many times that being part of a charter/online school (K12, Connections, etc) makes it easier to get scholarships, get into a good college/university, etc. I'd love to hear your opinions & advice :-) Thanks! BTW, my boys are currently enrolled in K12 public charter school (first year) and I am very tempted to pull them out because of the politics and some other issues I have with the school. After homeschooling on my own for so many years it so hard to be a part of something so rigid!

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My dd graduated a year ago this past May from homeschooling. She was given 50% tuition scholarships and more at each university she applied to and we were not a part of a charter/online school. But, I will stay that in Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio (the area she applied within) homeschooling is pretty common and most admissions departments have seen how well homeschooled students do.


We exclusively homeschool...no classes, no community college (our local ones are absolutely atrocious), no online, etc. So I don't have any experience with a charter k12. Hopefully others will chime in as well.



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I use a charter school, but not K12..and I have not heard that this is an advantage, your students are categorized as being in a public school, so they will be part of the larger public school pool. The only thing that might be to a parent's advantage is not having to make the transcripts, the school will do it for you, which is one of the things I am happy about. We had my then 9th grader independent homeschooled last year, and making the transcript stressed me out, though I know many parents don't feel that way.


I think as long as you are keeping good records, you will not be hindered in applying for college, even if you are independent.


oh, I guess one other help might be that the charter school might have a counselor to notify students of scholarship opportunities.

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Mine got into college just fine without being in a charter. He did take a few CC classes, but only passed one! He had pretty low SAT's, but his strong backround in Great Books was impressive, and his desire to enter the program of his choice helped him get in.

IDK about scholarships--if you don't have good test scores or financial need, IMO it's hard to get a scholarship (unless you live in a lottery state, like Fl). I don't know that being in a virtual would really help with that.

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