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Missionaries' biographies suggestions, please

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I am searching for high school reading level biographies of five to six Christian missionaries for a teen girls' club. Women and Men of Faith Series are a possibility, but perhaps you know of a publisher you prefer. Plus, there are a plethora of amazing missionaries to read about but I need a narrow offering. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


Oh, any thoughts on a used on-line resource to purchase 8-10 copies each - used?



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A Chance to Die about Amy Carmichael by Elisabeth Elliot? I would have liked to discuss it once I was finished reading it! So much to admire, and yet there were decisions she made and stances she took that I really disagreed with. Elisabeth Elliot is a good writer, and I enjoyed the book.

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Not a missionary in the traditional sense, but our all-time favorite is The Hiding Place (life of Corrie tenBoom, esp. the WW2 years in which her family hid Jews and then life in the concentration camp. Absolutely amazing life lessons and godly principles that we still refer to, years after having read the book. The sequel, Tramp for the Lord is also quite amazing, and much more like a missionary biography, as it chronicles Corrie's life after the war, traveling all over the world to encourage the oppressed and imprisoned.


While not as well written as the above, we also really admired Joanne Shetler's life as a translator in Papua New Guinea: And The Word Came With Power.


Also very inspiring:

Bruchko (Bruce Olson's missionary work with the Motilone tribe in the Venezuelan/Colombian rain forest, beginning in the 1960s)

God's Smuggler (Brother Andrew's missionary work smuggling Bibles into communist countries and encouraging oppressed Christians in 1960s-1980s)



No idea how to go about buying USED books in bulk, other than multiple vendors, one at a time at a cheaper price through Amazon used or http://www.abe.com...


Thanks to previous poster for the Amy Carmichael recommendation -- I've been wanting to read about her! Warmest regards, Lori D.

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Gladys Aylward's autobiography is quite interesting. I think it's called The Little Woman or something like that.


You might also show the girls the actual video of Elizabeth Eliott's husband's story--not the Hollywood one, the 20 minute or so documentary. She narrates it and shows footage of the real place and people (Auca peoples).

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I would just second God's Smuggler--I'm reading it aloud right now, and the story is incredible. I've learned so much about my own faith as well as communism.


The Gladys Alward book someone mentioned is another I'd recommend. Her story is fascinating as well.

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