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Rope, meet kid ...

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You know the old saying about giving them just enough rope to hang themselves? That just happened here.


My dd16 has a laptop that she bought for herself. My husband disabled the wireless access, but last week I needed to use the laptop so he enabled it for me. I guess he forgot to disable it before he gave the computer back to her. She has always been told that she is a) not allowed to be online in her room (which is why the wiress is disabled) and b) not allowed to be playing on her laptop while doing her homework. She had the laptop taken away for two weeks a few months ago for watching dvds after she was supposed to be in bed (we have pretty liberal bedtimes and expect they be abided by).


I was just checking Facebook and noticed dd had some activity from a few minutes ago. I knocked on her bedroom door and heard a bunch of shuffling around. When I opened her bedroom door, she was sitting on her bed, innocently doing her homework. I asked her if she was online, and the look on her face told me everything. She also had her cell phone with her. She is supposed to put it on the mantle in the living room before she does her homework.


Both items are now in my possession.


Really, what are kids thinking?? She knows I usually keep FB open all day. Am I not going to notice what she's doing? Or see her phone (or more likely hear it buzz from texts!) if I come in her room?? :001_huh:



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:lol: Ha! Ha! Last year I was teaching in a large lecture course (250 + students), and one of my students FB another professor about his class. He KNEW she was in my class -- and BUSTED her right then and there: Dear Student Y: If I were Dr. X, you'd be asked to leave my class right now." BooYah!" She apologized right after class before he had a chance to tell me :lol:.

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One of my students (I tutor) keeps checking his phone for texts. It is almost like a tic or reflex and happens every 10 mins like clockwork. I have mentioned it to him several times, and he actually seems surprised that he was checking his phone. Last night I told his mum that I will be demanding his phone be on the table, out of reach from now on, and she was horrified that he even had it - she thought he was leaving it in his room during our sessions.

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That's just it, they're not thinking at that age. They're purely acting in the moment, with no forethought....


This is so true.

My oldest is convinced I should be working for the FBI because of all the times I have BUSTED him.


:001_huh::lol: It's really not that hard.

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